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What Does Make Women To Become Mail Order Wives?

Posted 2020-07-20
4 min read
Why do women become mail order brides

Mail order bride history dates back to the 19th century when European men settled in America or some Asian countries wanted to marry women of the same origin. However, over two centuries have passed since that time but modern women still want to travel to distant countries and make families there. What are the reasons why these women would be interested in being a mail-order bride? You’ll be surprised to find out that some of them look the same as hundreds of years ago. Though there are motives that have appeared due to the current situation all over the globe.

What is the ground of females’ desire to become mail order brides?

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Lack of males in their own country

One of the reasons that make women look for husbands abroad is an inability to find decent partners in their own country. Since most of the mail order brides are from developing countries, there are high unemployment rates and men die early because of hard work and health issues. Moreover, wars and conflicts also result in the increase of women vs men ratio, while competition for good men is very high as well. It encourages ladies to look for a spouse in other countries and register on dating platforms.

Desire to escape from intolerable life

Poverty, lack of jobs, abuse are often faced by women in their everyday life. So they often get frustrated with this situation and the inability to change anything. This makes many of them look for a way out and mail order bride websites come for the rescue. They hope to leave their home and experience a better life in another country with a decent caring man.

Family pressure

Daughters become a burden for some families because they don’t earn money. Even if they work and try to build their career, they still have to live with their parents being unable to buy a separate property. Moreover, when a girl reaches a critical age and hasn’t built a family by this time, she can experience pressure from relatives and society. Therefore, many ladies start looking for foreign husbands at a rather early age to avoid stress and change their lives.

Higher status of men living abroad

There’s a great difference between marrying a man of the same nationality and a foreigner. The first ones can hardly ever get successful and prosperous in their countries, and even if they manage to do that, they become a target for hundreds of other girls. Moreover, there are many rude and aggressive men who don’t mind drinking, taking drugs or playing casino games. Some of them are lazy and never lift a finger to start doing anything. Western men are usually different: they build their careers and buy a home before they decide to create a family, so women feel confident next to them. Moreover, they value family and comfort — things most women dream about.

Citizenship of a developed country

It often happens women feel insecure in their native countries. An unstable economy and lack of social care make them feel neglected by the government and society. They want to move to the country that takes care of its citizens and settle there. Marriage often helps them with that.

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Higher chances to meet a good husband

It may take months and years to find a partner in real life. Not all men hurry to start serious relationships and get married. However, if you look through the profiles of men registered on mail order bride websites, you can be confident each of them is ready for a wedding and raising kids. Even severe competition on such platforms still preserves higher chances to meet a future husband.

Common goals

What makes women register on mail order bride websites is common goals with men who search for a wife there. Usually, both are ready for a family and kids. They can find people with similar interests and values without spending much time on getting acquainted and learning them better. Most of this information is already provided in the profile so you just choose those who’re on your wave.

Now it’s clear why millions of women check mail order bride platforms and register on them. They understand they get more chances to meet a loving husband who shares their interests and live a happy family life in another country.