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What Countries Like American Men

Posted 2022-01-20
4 min read
What countries like american men

American guys are really handsome: their accent is cute, many of them are sporty or have a nice job. Many American men know what they want from life and work hard to fulfill their dreams. What else makes them so attractive is that they make great husbands! They’ll provide for the family and love their wives and kids. Some of them still think a woman doesn't need to work to have a good life as the men themselves can give it.

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That's why American men are always welcome in most of the countries. But where are they loved the most?

Women Like American men

What are the countries that love American guys?

If you're an American guy reading this article, get your pen! Here's the list of countries to visit first if you're searching for a wife.


Russia is also among top countries that love American guys. But for another reason: like many Slavic ladies, Russians are looking for relationships with American guys. This is because women there find Americans more progressive and successful than the local grooms. Russian girls want a strong, responsible, and devoted husband by their side and those traits they see in Americans.

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Ukrainian brides are very adventurous and they're looking for a soulmate to take risks and live a bright life with. And American guys are the ones who fit in these criteria. New travels, a wider range of activities, extreme sports, and more — that's what Ukrainian ladies expect from American gentlemen. In the 90s, there were some hard times for Ukraine: bad economy, murders, raids, and that's why not every man there wants to take any risks since then. Thus, Ukrainian ladies are ready for some changes!

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Danish women are incredibly beautiful and at the same time quite vibrant and wild, but in a good way. Ladies there don't like local men because of their modesty and shyness. In contrast, American guys can feel free to go to the bar or to a sports event with a Danish lady and she'll be as much easy-going as possible. She'll never do it with a Danish man because they're dull.


In each country, American guys are loved for different reasons. For example, in Australia, women cherish their gentleness, respectful attitude, and awareness of how to please a lady. So, Aussies are looking at the more romantic and soft sides of American guys, and they're eager to receive it!


Chinese women for marriage are expecting to see the new world with an American guy. Since China is a communist country and everyone there obeys strict rules, local ladies want more freedom in every aspect of their lives, and they believe an American man can give it all to them. Ladies from China see Americans like the ones who lead their way to a new life full of opportunities and liberty.

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Single Mexican girls are a lot of fun: they can take you out for tequila shots and Margaritas, parties, festivals, etc. Mexican women love American guys for their spirit of fun and adventures. And Mexico is actually a nice country to visit: cheap and tasty food (spicy like the local girls), marvelous celebrations and feasts, mysterious legends, and hot sun. What can be better?

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Conutries That Love American Men


Brazilian women are super-devoted, loveable, and very hot! They love Americans for their strong character and respectful attitude towards women. In contrast with the local guys, the American won't hit on the girl if she doesn't want to and will protect her if she needs it. You should travel to this cheap and cheerful country for new emotions, experiences, and maybe a future Brazilian bride!

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They say Lebanese girls will literally fight for the attention of an American guy. They adore their handsomeness, funny accent, and open-mindedness. Ladies there are great lovers, attentive, and open to new experiences: you'll get lots of fire with a French accent in return.


Thai brides are hospitable, submissive, and very gentle. They love American guys for their bravado and manners. Americans love exotic beauty and they get lots of love from them as well. So don't miss a chance and visit this great country to taste the local culture, cuisine, and beauties.

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To sum up

As you see, there are so many countries that love American guys! Travel to at least one of them and pleasure is guaranteed. Attention, love, and affection — it's all yours!