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Foreign Women vs American Women

Posted 2020-09-15
4 min read
foreign women vs american women

Sometimes it seems American women aren't paid enough attention to. Although they may not look like conventional wives, they still have a lot to offer. Sure, there are some common traits American women share with their fellow foreign brides but there are differences as well. So, American vs foreign wife: what's the score?

American wife vs foreign wife: common traits

Foreign Girls Vs American Girls

All the women worldwide share some common traits that may not be very noticeable at first. But the more ladies you meet abroad, the more you notice how they're all alike. The same relates to American and foreign wives.

Both strive for building happy families

It won't be a secret that most of the women in the world want to get married to a nice man, have one or more kids, a big house, a garden, and a dog. The same is with American wives. Even though many ladies there don't seem aimed to create family, they do want a happy life and be surrounded by people who can share their success, failures, and happiness.

American and foreign wives are good lovers and mothers

American ladies are quite experienced lovers, just like their foreign fellows. As women are preparing themselves for family life, they need to know how to satisfy their men. They're also getting ready for becoming mothers one day, so they have decent knowledge on how to raise kids, take good care of them, and teach them how to become great people.

Both American and foreign wives are loyal and honest

All the women in the world want a fairytale with a happy ending so they don't want to ruin everything with cheating and lies. American wives are very confident and proud, so they won't let themselves go down on that path, as well as won't forgive cheating them. Lies are another deal-breaker for American and foreign women, so better don't tempt the fate.

American wife vs foreign wife: main differences

Foreign Girls

What are the traits that make American wives way more different from other women? Read on to find out!

American wives are easy

American ladies are the ones who have a very easy attitude to almost everything in their lives and won't ask for someone's opinion on their behavior or thoughts. They just want to live a life they want and go beyond all stereotypical mental boundaries. What's wrong and what's right isn’t how their lives are managed.

Wives from America are stubborn

It can be very hard sometimes to persuade an American wife in something she doesn't believe: she'll give you a whole bunch of arguments to prove you're wrong. These ladies aren't the easiest to get along with, but since they always have something to say and prove their point, they're smart and can enter any heated discussion at ease. Don't get burnt!

American ladies are unfeminine

Unlike most of the foreign women, American wives aren't that feminine. They don't pay much attention to their looks, heavy makeup and manicure is rather an exception, and they prefer plain comfort clothes, and especially shoes. Nevertheless, this doesn't make them less attractive. They believe a woman doesn't need to dress up and put too much effort to look beautiful.

American wives live at a fast pace and strive for success

Although being family-oriented, American wives still find time for personal and professional growth. American ladies believe success isn’t only about a family and 2 kids, but also about self-development and career advancement. Women there live fast: lots of meetings at work, cooking, shopping, going out, family stuff. All that is spinning around all the time but they're used to it and seem like making great progress in speed-multi-tasking.

As you see, the American wives aren't that simple. They're pretty sophisticated and straightforward, and also are very open-minded. What bride to choose is all the matter of taste and personal attitude, so you'll never know until you try! But if you still can’t find love in your home country — maybe it’s time to search somewhere else? Learn about the most popular nationalities to marry and find you foreign wife.