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Top 5 Books About Mail Order Brides

Posted 2021-03-11
3 min read
Mail order bride books

It may sound surprising but the destiny of mail order brides has become a theme for many great books. It’s difficult to imagine how many obstacles they had to overcome on their ways to happiness and building relationships with men they don’t know. Nowadays, there are dozens of mail order bride romance novels that’ll make you drop a tear. This top offers the most impressive examples of books devoted to this topic, check if they’re worth being in your reading list.

1. Texas Destiny by Lorraine Heath

One of the best mail order bride novels was published in 1997 and tells the story of Amelia, a woman that arrives in Texas to marry a man she has never seen. However, she has been met by her future husband’s brother at the railway station and he falls in love with her at first sight. Will he fight for his beloved with his brother? Find out in the novel.

mail order brides novels

2. Duncan's Bride by Linda Howard

A good example of a book about mail order brides appeared in 1990 and features 251 pages. It tells the story of Reese, a man who wanted to marry a woman and get help from her in his everyday routine. Fortunately, he finds a lady ready to move to him from another continent and cope with all the responsibilities he has. However, she asks something in return — she wants to be loved. Will Reese have feelings towards her? Read and find that out.

3. The Endearment by LaVyrle Spencer

This romantic novel of 1982 is also among great mail order bride books worth your attention. The plot takes place in Minnesota in the middle of the 19th century. Young Anna Reardon who is fed up with street life decides to marry an American and falls in love with him. However, she has deceived him very often and he lost trust in her. What would happen if he learns the worst secret of her life? She can’t reveal it and will do everything to preserve her romantic relationships.

4. Mail Order Bluebonnet Brides: Complete Boxed Set by Charlotte Dearing

This set of six books tells stories of 5 ladies who decided to become mail order brides and travel to Texas in the 1880s. All of them have experienced romantic adventures and had absolutely different reasons for moving. Learn unique stories of Grace, Hope, Rescue, Faith, and Destiny. Each of them will be devoured by you.

book about mail order bride

5. Mail Order Victoria by Caroline Clemmons

This 82-page book tells the story of a woman whose only way out to protect an 18-month child was to become a mail order bride. However, she doesn’t tell her husband she has a baby. Her groom is a Texas man who needs help with kids and cattle, though he also keeps that in secret from the wife-to-be. How will they build their marriage relationships? Get an answer in the book.

As you can see, there are many exciting novels that’ll keep you excited till the last page. Though all of them focus on mail order brides of the 19th century, modern women can learn much from them and prevent possible mistakes in building their long-distance relationships.