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How Much Does A Mail Order Wife Cost

Posted 2021-10-19
4 min read
Mail order brides pricing

Every prosperous man wants to see a model-like and intelligent lady next to him but it may be challenging to find one in real life. However, it’s always possible to get a mail order bride and feel confident with a lady that will impress everyone. Of course noone wants to pay a fortune and that is why the key question that guys are worrying about is how much are mai order brides.

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Sure, it won’t be just a few dollars, but what does the price of mail order brides depend on? Depending on the mail order bride site, the cost to get a mail-order bride can vary depending on a lot of factors. There are 3 important things to consider.

Fees included in the cost of a mail order bride

What should you pay for on a way to your bride’s heart? Let’s dwell on it in detail.

brides pricing

Fees charged by the mail order bride sites

The total amount of mail order bride pricing includes fees charged by websites. It can be very different since more reputable platforms with only verified profiles have a bigger reach and can ask more for their services. Sometimes, it’s necessary to pay extra if you wish to get extra. Moreover, there are websites that require membership fees to get access to a wider range of features.

Translation services

Many mail order brides cannot speak English, and that could pose to be a problem in regular communication. So, you may have to hire a translator to send letters or talk on a phone call. It often happens that mail order Asian bride prices may be higher because these ladies don’t speak English at all or well enough to communicate easily. It means translator services will be included in the total mail order bride price. Some translator services charge per minute or hour, so the amount paid will depend on how long you want to keep in touch with your lady. Translators can play a defining role in helping to build your relationship.

Travel expenses

All men want to meet with their brides face-to-face before everything is settled. How much are mail order wives then? The amount will include the cost of tickets, accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses a groom may have in another country. Sometimes, man makes several trips to his bride-to-be and the total sum can increase significantly. Naturally, the cheapest solution is to avoid emotional trips abroad, when you book tickets for tomorrow — this way prices will be much higher. Plan everything in advance and discuss it with your woman.

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Average cost of mail order bride

Every man wants to know how much money he should be ready to spend. If to talk about exact numbers, the average cost of a mail-order bride ranges from $1,000 up to $25,000. However, it’s clear it depends on the number of services used. The access to the catalog with beautiful wives and communication with them might cost around $100, while the address to contact the future bride will add $10-$15 more. Phone translation price starts from $6 per minute, while a trip to another country is usually estimated at thousands of dollars. Tickets, visas, and translation of documents are involved and there might be some hidden costs too.

mail order wife cost

Every situation is different and it’s impossible to make an exact estimate of the mail order bride cost. Many men compare prices of mail order brides with the cost of luxurious vehicles. It’s the truth to some extent but with a bride, you get chances to live a happy family life and raise kids, while a car never provides that pleasure. Therefore, it’s not the time to save, because all the benefits you get with a beloved woman can be hardly compared even with winning a lottery jackpot!