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Top 8 Mail Order Bride Facts You Didn’t Know

Posted 2020-08-05
3 min read
Facts about mail order brides

Every person dreams to have a loving spouse and smiling kids, but it’s not always possible to experience that. The reason for that is an inability to find a soulmate among residents of your city or country. Therefore, many people decide to try their luck and search for love on mail order bride websites — platforms where both parties have similar life goals. But what’s special about them? What interesting facts are there to consider? Let’s find out.

mail order Facts

10,000 people married thanks to these websites

Though it may seem difficult to find a match on the opposite side of the planet, a good deal of happy marriages are created in this way. Around 6,000 of these marriages are registered with men from the US.

Divorce rates are twice lower than general US statistics

Even the fact that these couples start romantic relationships in a less traditional way, more of them tend to stay together comparing couples that have met and dated for a long time in real life.

The concept of MOB appeared at the beginning of the 19th century

It seems strange to hear the way how people find each other nowadays (mainly through the Internet) has been introduced 2 centuries ago — when there was no hint on the global network. The main incentive for mail order brides was made after hundreds of European men who traveled to other continents wanted to find women to join them and leave home forever. It’s surprising but many women wanted to abandon their traditional routine and move to a new place in search of a husband. They could match each other writing letters and sending photos.

Mail order husbands exist as well

It may sound unbelievable but some women are also ready to pay money to find a husband. Since the world gets more emancipated, this way of search for spouses is also getting pace.

There are few popular regions mail order brides come from

Most mail-order brides are from Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union, and Latin America. Usually, these women want to change intolerable life they have for a happy marriage with a prosperous man from another country.

Some platforms organize group meet-ups for singles

Some websites arrange group tours for men to certain countries and introduce them to women on special occasions or parties held for this purpose.

8 Interesting Facts About Mail Order Brides

The choice of mail order brides is significant

Only about 4% of all women registered on mail order bride websites have already found their spouses and married man from other countries. All other women are still in search of a man for serious relationships.

The men to women ratio on the websites is 6/100

It means there are only 60 men per 1,000 women seeking happiness on dating platforms. This data says men are luckier to have a much greater choice than brides.

It’s clear that the number of women who look for a husband online is growing incessantly and more people decide to look for spouses in this modern way. Is there sense to wait for luck if you can build your destiny yourself?