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Overseas Marriage: All To Know About Getting Married Abroad

Posted 2021-11-04
5 min read
Overseas Marriage

Lots of people date in the US and it might seem cool at first, but this changes with the passage of time. Same dating places become boring, local girls don’t seem as attractive to you as ladies in other countries, or you just want some changes.

Once that realization comes, people from the US start looking for a cute mail order girlfriend and once things get serious, they begin thinking of marriage abroad. That’s why sooner or later, most start looking into getting married overseas.

There are many perks, as well as disadvantages to this process that few know because they haven’t thought about it before. Moreover, the US has some strict laws on this that you should learn about. Stay tuned to learn all about marriage outside of US and best places for marriage abroad!

What does marriage in foreign country mean?

Marrying someone from another country is a unique experience that's worth going through. Nonetheless, it comes with a range of crucial preparational aspects beforehand. They include applying for a visa, traveling to another country, finding a place to stay, getting to know all necessary local laws, calculating your daily expenses, getting ready for the wedding, buying essential things, getting your family and friends travel there, and many other details.

While knowing the majority of things and places in your own state, being in a foreign country might be stressful. Having your bride or an authorized assistant who knows all of it would be of great help for the process to go smoothly! This way, your marriage abroad will truly be an unforgettable experience you'd recommend to all your friends and acquaintances.

The main benefits of overseas marriage

Getting married in a different country is like a big bag of pleasantly surprising events and things waiting for you. These are the best things that you might get from marrying in another country.

marriage abroad

Unique experience

First and foremost, you’re going to have the time of your life. You’re traveling to a new and unexplored place where you meet with a charming mail order bride to marry and you’re free to go anywhere with her. Getting married abroad US citizens are going to be very happy with what they'll get from this marriage.

Romantic atmosphere

You’re alone with your caring and beautiful marriage partner in a thriving foreign country. What else can be more romantic than that? You can sit down at a random cafe and chat until the end of the day, walk anywhere you want, and do anything you could wish for. Overseas marriage lets you do all of that.

Many places to visit

As you’re traveling to a foreign country, make a list of places that you wish to visit in advance. This will show your marriage partner that you’re interested in the process and will save you lots of time. You can also do a lot more things while visiting popular places other than just walking on the streets.

Does US recognize foreign marriages?

The good news for you is that the US does recognize marriage abroad as long as you do everything legally and follow getting married abroad legal requirements. This also depends on the state that you live in so you should check this additionally.

Every nation has its set of rules. You need to follow them in order for the process to go well and not to have problems later. If you do everything well, the United States will also acknowledge your marriage.

Best locations for marriage outside of US

To get the best experience and the least difficulties, you have to choose a good country for marriage abroad. Here's a list of the best countries to find a wife and marry as well.


What country can be more romantic than Italy? This place has its own vibes that no other place on Earth can send you. Those songs, atmosphere, coziness, friendly banter from everywhere. You can also visit lots of places in Italy so you won’t be left wandering around with nothing to do with your marriage partner.

To marry in Italy, you don’t need a foreign marriage certificate nor an international marriage license, but a few other things. You need to provide your birth certificate, passport, as well as proof of divorce or death of former wives if you had any. Some papers also need to be translated into Italian and it’s best if you work with a wedding planner on this procedure.

Getting married in a different country


As a US citizen, you can also be sure of mail order brides legality in France when marrying. France is yet another unique place with its own vibes that have been formed over its long history. The Eiffel Tower, the smell of local French food, the songs—everything makes you feel at home.

A marriage license destination wedding isn’t looked at in France. You have to provide a valid US passport, birth certificate, as well as French residence permit. The permit is active for 40 days which should be plenty of time for everything. Moreover, you need to have a medical certificate done within the last 2 months.

Getting married abroad US citizens


For marrying someone from another country, Spain is the perfect place. It’s also legally allowed for US citizens to marry in Spain. You need to provide a valid passport, birth certificate, and proof that you can legally get married. The last document is also called a Certificate of No Impediment. As a foreigner, you might have to obtain it from the US Embassy.

marriage outside of US


Overseas marriage is something worth trying. While the US and other countries have requirements for this process, it's not hard if you understand and follow them. Give this opportunity or marriage abroad a go, you only live once after all!