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What Are Mail Order Brides

Posted 2020-07-20
3 min read
What is mail order bride

International marriages are no longer a surprise to anyone, but how can men and women from different countries meet and marry so quickly? One of the most efficient approaches to international marriages is getting a mail order bride. Though it sounds quite untraditional, this term is widely used and many ladies from developing countries want to get this status too. So what's a mail order bride? Let’s look at this term more accurately.

Mail order bride definition

A woman who adds her profile to the catalog of ladies who want to create a family with a foreign man is called a mail order bride. It has become associated with numerous ladies from the developing countries who want to marry a prosperous man from abroad.

mail order bride definition

This term has a long history that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. Many men who set off for America from Europe have become successful there but lacked women next to them, so they wrote letters to churches and magazines asking Eastern ladies to respond to them and provide their photos. Many women who wanted to escape from their traditional way of life married men they’ve never seen.

Currently, the introduction of the telephone and, of course, the Internet has made mail order bride solutions more advanced. Moreover, there are special platforms that took responsibility for single men and women and provide facilitator services to both parties.

How to recognize a mail order bride ?

Now when mail order bride meaning is quite clear, let’s identify the main features of these women.

  • These are single women who want to marry;
  • They create profiles on popular mail order bride websites;
  • They’re ready to leave their current place of living for marriage;
  • They want to marry a man from another country;
  • They’re interested in communication with men from well-developed countries.

mail order bride meaning

Nowadays, the widest selection of mail order brides is in post-Soviet countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, some countries of Latin America (Colombia, Brazil), and some developing Asian countries including Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China. Ladies from these regions aren’t satisfied with their level of life and look for wealthy partners from overseas.

Mail order bride services are in great demand nowadays since millions of people want to find partners abroad. Over 10,000 marriages take place each year thanks to international dating. Doesn’t this prove the success of such relationships?