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Top Mail Order Bride Countries: Best Countries to Find a Wife

Posted 2020-11-25
7 min read
Top Countries of Mail-Order Brides

Any man who is going to find a mail-order bride inevitably faces a question: Which country for foreign wife to choose? We have compiled a list of most popular regions and countries to find foreign brides and described their qualities and treats.

You can find your soulmate on the other side of the world, it's true. Nowadays it is very easy, thanks to many mail order brides websites. You can register a profile and meet online anyone, from any country. But what are the best countries to find a wife?

We have come up with a list of top countries of mail-order brides and the best nationalities to marry that you may find interesting. Let's dig right in!

Brides from Eastern Europe

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It is not a secret that Slavic women are what many Western men dream about. These ladies are beautiful, family-oriented and don't mind marrying foreigners. Local women are very famous all over the world for their good features and fairy-like appearances, so they are thought to make the best wives. Russia is considered to be among the best nationalities to marry a Slavic mail order bride.

If you marry a Russian mail-order bride, you'll definitely receive a lot of love, care, and attention. The house will always be clean, home-cooked meals like schi and pierogi will be served hot and succulent, and the children will be well-dressed and smiling. Also, these women put the family in the very first place and are ready to sacrifice a lot for the wellbeing of their husbands and kids. Isn’t the best you could wish for when it comes for picking a bride?


Ukraine is another famous Slavic country where many pretty mail-order brides come from. They are a little different from Russians, but still, these ladies are desirable and attractive too. Ukrainian women are more hot-tempered. You will never be bored with such a lady! Also, it is considered an important thing for a woman in Ukraine to get a degree, or even two, so many ladies here are very well-educated.

Moreover, Ukrainian brides are great at keeping the perfect balance between their jobs and families. They know how to plan their routine so that they do a lot and still have time to dedicate to their loved ones. Women from Ukraine are also wonderful caregivers and very adventurous persons! Bungee jumping, a spontaneous trip or extreme cycling in the forest? They're in! If you are dreaming about a wife that you will never be bored with, pick a Ukrainian mail-order bride. For sure, it's the best nationality to marry if you want devoted and adventurous relationships.

Asian Brides Countries

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Asian ladies are also very interesting and seem exotic to the most of foreign men. Their tender beauty is famous all over the world, and many Asian singles win world beauty contests. There is a variety or brides for any taste, and they all are different depending on a country. That’s why it is so hard to pick one country for this top!

Choosing the best nationality to marry an Asian girl can be hard. Mail-order brides from the Philippines and the ones from Japan will be totally different! You will find many nuances in their appearances and worldviews that would stand out and impress you. Can you imagine yourself next to an Asian girl? If so, you need to know them better and try to get acquainted. We recommend trying to date Asian ladies as they become really great wives, and if you decide to marry a woman from Asia, you will definitely not regret it.

Latin American Brides Countries


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Latina girls are wonderful - that’s what you will hear from many men. It is totally true, and moreover, these girls are incredibly attractive and interesting. They are very different from anybody you can see on this list. Latina ladies definitely stand out. They are very active, fun-loving and hot-tempered, they hate boredom and like to go out.

One more great feature of mail-order brides from Latin America is that they like to dance! Rumba, samba, tango… They know how to make a dance hot and sensitive! And all those Copacabana parties and Rio carnivals!

This love for dancing gives their bodies wonderful curves and great attractiveness. By the way, if you want to date a Latina girl, be ready for her to be emotional, honest and very straightforward. It’s very appealing and makes you want to get to know this woman a little closer.

Also, it's not so easy to tell what is the best nationality to marry a Latina bride. They are all equally good and beautiful, no matter where they live: Colombia, Peru, or Brazil - all women there are pretty and cheerful, and dedicated in their love. Besides, did you know that family means the world for Latinas? They make perfect wives because of that. Putting their husbands in chief, they do all they can to keep the family in harmony. Latin American mail-order brides are a super decision for marriage, so if you are not sure where to look for a wife, check their profiles!


Don't forget about charming Canadian mail order brides! Canada seems to be a very distant and cold country but be sure: women there are warm-hearted and hospitable. Canada is a multinational country so ladies there look completely different from each other. They may have white or dark skin, Caucasian or even Oriental features, so it can be hard sometimes to understand which country the lady is from. But most of the indigenous Canadian women have blonde hair and pale skin.

So what makes Canada one of the best nationalities to find a woman to marry? It's a developed country so ladies there are well-educated and often have more than one university degree. Canadian mail order brides are very patriotic and respect their traditions so you should learn some facts about Canada to impress them.

Canadian ladies strive for equality in all aspects of their lives, both at home and at work. Because of that, most women are feminists, but in a good way. With a Canadian girl, you'll learn how to share many things including responsibilities and leisure, and it doesn't matter if a woman wants to do some "manly stuff" — it's totally normal for them. That’ll bring more balance to your relationship, as each of you is equal now. Sharing is caring, remember?

Finally, Canadian mail order brides are sporty. Their national sport is hockey and most of them attend the matches or at least watch it on TV. Ask your lady what her favorite team is and take her to the game — it’ll definitely melt her heart!

So, how to choose the best country to meet a wife for me?

You may look for a lady to marry for ages. But life is a tricky thing. You may think the best nationality of a girl to marry is Italian, but you’ll fall in love with a Mexican lady and she'll be the best in the whole universe.

Love doesn't depend on location, and mail order bride websites just help break the national boundaries. So go on, look through different profiles, and don't focus on a specific country — you never know where your future wife is waiting for you!

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