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American and Russian Dating Styles: What’s the Difference

Posted 2021-10-28
7 min read
American and Russian Dating Styles

It’s not a secret that cultures of different countries are not alike, and dating culture is not an exception. If you are aimed to date and marry a Russian woman, you have to get familiar with the nuances of how it’s done in her country to make sure that you do everything right and not get yourself into an awkward situation. Here we present the main differences between the American and Russian Styles of dating, and also some tips on what you should do get your mail-order family.

Dating in America

Americans don’t put that much effort into dating as men do in other countries. They don’t bother to pick clothes for dates and dress casually for everything. They go to common places on datesб such as the cinema, shopping mall, zoo, and so on. This is pretty similar to other men. However, American men can also date a few women at the same time before choosing the best one. They aren’t as active as Russian men though. Their dating goes with the flow and they let it stay simple and enjoyable.

Dating in Russia

Russians take dating more seriously and officially than people do in America. Here ladies would dress up and expect their men to do so too. Also, the preparation will take a while, and the place for a date can be very different: a park to have a walk, a cinema to see a movie, a theater, and many other options. Russian ladies like it when the man they date focuses on them only. And they also take him seriously from the very first date. It’s important for them to see that the dates mean something, and so they put a lot of effort into these romantic meetings.

Russian and American dating

Here Are The Main Diefferences In Russian And American Dating Cultures

Dating in Russia vs America is a frequent topic in dating and touches the topic of Russian vs American culture. Being countries so close and yet so far from each other, Russian culture dating and marriage is different from the Americans. But can Russian singles in America fall in love with American men? Here are the ways Americans and Russians date.

Russian women don’t make moves first

The first difference that you might encounter is that by Russian dating rules, girls don’t make any moves first. You need to be the first to act for dating a Russian woman etiquette. In America, girls can approach guys first just as often as men.

However, if you want to date a Russian girl in the USA, you need to show interest and approach her. She might even show you a cold attitude at the start, but it’s nothing to get sad about. This is one of the biggest differences of foreign women vs American women.

This might be hard for men accustomed to American style dating, but it’s nothing close to impossible. So American dating culture doesn’t differ from the Russian dating traditions that much in this field and Russian girls looking for American men can bear with it too.

Interest is shown in different ways

By American dating customs, men often hide their feelings more than men in Russia. They might not display as much affection as they actually have towards a girl. Dating in American culture is more complicated in this aspect as you need to break that shell to find out about the real feelings.

On the other hand, Russian dating customs imply that the man shows how much he loves his girlfriend. The small drawback of this is that Russian men can sometimes get too active because of this, and be more jealous, as well as oversensitive.

For example, while dating a Russian woman in America, if a stranger approaches her, the man is likely to stay more silent and do less. However, if the same happens in Russia, by Russian dating traditions, you can expect an uproar, and the man can even begin fighting. In this aspect, Russian girls might like the dating culture in America more because they can stay more composed and act rationally in these situations.

Education levels and dress code

Besides the different dating styles, the life choices and characters of foreign women vs American women are also different. Russian girls are generally more well-educated and most of them have masters’ degrees. They also dress well even on such general occasions as going shopping. The same can't be said about American girls who usually don’t care much about the dress code when going to the mall. The level of education in America is generally also lower than in Russia.

This makes American men even more compatible with Russian women because any man would want a girl who is smart, can make clever choices in life, and dresses well on all occasions.

Tips that will help you while dating a Russian woman

To make sure that your date with a Russian girl goes well, remember to follow this tips.

Tip 1. Dress up

You will be happy to see that your woman enjoys your look. An outfit means a lot for Russian mail-order brides, and if they see you well-dressed, it is half of your success already. There is no necessity to wear a smoking or something, but if there is an occasion, like going to the opera or something, even the smoking will be a good idea.

Tip 2. Pay

A woman from Russia is very likely to be raised with the idea of a man carrying all the responsibility, so if you ask a lady out, it will be considered very nice of you to pay for her. It is not a big deal, you can just pay the bill for coffee, but in the eyes of your Russian bride you will already be the man who cares about her, and it’s worth a lot.

Tip 3. Be a gentleman

Help her get to the place and make sure that she has got home safe. Offer her your coat if it is cold outside. Such little things mean a lot to Russian singles, and they really appreciate it when you express care. That’s how they see you like them.

Tip 4. Don’t try to know her motives

Russian women do take the relationships seriously, and they dream about a marriage and a family. But don’t ask direct questions about that on the first dates! If you want to be polite and delicate, it’s better to wait and see how it all goes for two of you.

Tip 5. Give her a small gift

This gesture is considered very romantic and meaningful in Russia, and local women like to receive small gifts and flowers a lot. Even men in marriage do that, so if you want to make a good impression on your potential Russian wife, don’t forget to give her a soft toy, or a box of chocolates, or a nice bouquet. Slavic ladies admire the little surprises you make, and it will surely make you a desirable partner for them.

Even though Russian culture vs American culture dating differ in several aspects, a partner from America and Russia would be pretty compatible. You could see that yourself from all the examples mentioned. So dating a Russian woman in America, as well as an American man in Russia is more than possible and is likely to bring good results. That is especially because there are many Russian girls looking for American men.

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