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Where Is The Best Place To Meet Women?

Posted 2020-10-23
6 min read
places to meet women

The destiny is tricky and you can meet your soulmate in the most unpredictable place on Earth. You've probably heard stories of celebrities meeting their future husbands at the gas station or in the cafe. Some people find love abroad, and some in their home countries. But in all the cases, there are many good places to meet women, so let's define the top-10 of them!

The top-10 best places to meet a woman of your dreams

For your convenience, the list includes all the options possible: both online and offline. Then it's only up to you where to go first and search for a soulmate.

1. Fancy restaurant or a cosy coffee shop

best places to meet women

Ladies love dining out and meeting friends for a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes, they come there alone. Just try to catch her sights and give her a gentle smile, ask about the book she's reading or compliment her outfit. This will cheer a lady up and be a nice start for a conversation. Don't insist on the dialogue too much if you see a woman feels uncomfortable, but you'll definitely sense if she's up for a chat.

2. Speed-dating events

good places to meet women

Usually, speed-datings are devoted to raising money for some charitable activities. So, you'll not only get the chance to meet your future wife, but also help the ones in need. Sometimes, it literally takes two minutes to realize a person is your type and a speed-dating is the best way to check this theory out! If you feel you clicked with someone, ask her out to continue getting to know each other. Where to take her? Take a look at #1 on the list.

3. Market or a shop

place to meet a woman

Not the most expected item, but here's the trick that could help you win someone's heart. When you see a woman doing shopping alone and her bags are full of stuff, help her out (be sure she didn't go there with her kids or husband). Some women may freak out, so try to be as gentle as possible and then ask if she needs help with the groceries next time.

4. Group trips

where to meet women

Group tips is one of the best activities to meet women. Usually, there's a big bus, ship, or plane full of people from different cities who travel together for a new experience. There's a 100% chance there will be at least several single women aboard. By the way, there are many cases of successful marriages that happened because of such trips.

A 2-week option for such tours is the best: you have enough time to show your strength or virtues and a great sense of humor, so any woman would eventually fall for you. You can ask a lady for a romantic night walk or a morning run, take her to the cafe or buy her a souvenir. Take a slow start and you're good to go.

5. Gym

meet woman at the gym

Why is gym a good place to meet women? Men fall for good-looking ladies! A nice body shows a woman is healthy, takes care of herself, and her future kids will be healthy as well. At the same time, this means you should also meet some criteria to impress such a lady. A gym is the right place to show off your muscles and help a lady if you see she needs it. Lift the weights or fix the appliance for her, ask to support her when she's doing some hard exercise.

6. Resort

meet woman at resorts

There's a stereotype that resort romances last only for a summer. Nevertheless, men do find single ladies looking for marriage there! This can be a good start for establishing relationships. You can do lots of activities together: from swimming to visiting nearby cities. And talk, talk, talk! Communication will help you see if this is the right person.

7. Your friends' parties

meet girls at parties

A club party is totally different from this. Here's why: your friends are the ones you trust and respect, so people they invite are also worth paying attention to. And like in a movie, there's a nice girl sitting nearby, you can ask her if she likes the party, have a nice chit-chat, and who knows what happens next. Maybe it's a date?

8. Art exhibitions, galleries, charity balls

meeting women at exhibitions

Attending such events isn’t an option for average people. Ladies interested in arts, music, and cinematography, or those who visit charity balls are obviously sophisticated and progressive. So, you can also attend such events and venues to impress a lady with your profound knowledge of Classicism, Baroque or Modern art. Ask her for a dance at the ball and be her gentleman for the night. Such a beautiful start, right?

9. Online dating apps

online dating apps

Although some people don't find dating apps the best place to meet women, others fall in love there. They can be tricky sometimes as not all the women there are looking for a long-term commitment, marriage, and kids. So you'll have to monitor the profiles thoroughly not to choose the wrong lady. You can filter girls by age, location based on where you’re now, and other preferences, so it’ll probably make your search easier.

10. Mail order bride websites

meet women at mail order bride site

If usual dating apps aren’t for you and all the above locations aren't your lucky ones, try mail order bride websites. This is the best place to meet single women abroad if you want something different in your life. Sure, you'll have to pay for communication with the ladies, but it’ll be worth it if you eventually find your soulmate somewhere in Brazil, Slovenia or China. This can be a new life chapter and an unforgettable adventure that’ll last for a long time!

Now you know the best places to meet a woman. What stops you from starting your search and get ready for the best life experience?

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