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Mexican Dating Rules And Traditions

Posted 2021-08-17
8 min read
Mexican Dating Culture

Do you know any Mexican dating traditions? Has anyone ever told you about the advantages and disadvantages of dating Latino women? Have you ever learned any tips for successful relationships with a Mexican hottie? If you need all that, find it below.

TOP 3 Mexican dating rules

Hispanic dating culture is very different from the Western one. In what way?

Rule #1: Look good

Appearance matters a lot in Mexico. For both men and women. Girls are expected to look attractive, wear make-up and lovely outfits. It's not okay to show up on a date wearing something casual like jeans and a hoodie. Girls usually choose something tight and sexy. And high heels are a norm too. Women care greatly about how they look not only on dates but in everyday life too. And they appreciate well-dressed and smart men. So the 1st Mexican dating rule everyone follows — look good in any situation.

Mexican dating

Rule #2: Be romantic

Mexicans keep the romantic vibe when dating. To be more precise, it's not even a rule for the majority of them, and as they do it naturally. For example, they love calling each other by different pet names on a regular basis. Besides, public displays of affection aren't really looked down upon. Expressing your feelings, touching, hugging, and kissing in public is totally fine. Finally, they enjoy doing some romantic stuff like going on long walks, making a meal together, having film nights, etc.

Rule #3: Stay traditional

There are lots of Mexican dating customs and even modern daters follow them. It's what they're raised with and so — expect it from partners. Thus, even if you're a foreigner, you'd better still implement some of them in your Mexican girl dating. For example, men are expected to behave like real gentlemen. It means to be polite, well-mannered, help to hold the doors, or pay the bills. Another tradition called “piropos” — flirty compliments or comments men say to show they're interested in a girl.

TOP 3 facts about Mexican marriage culture

Dating rarely happens just for mere fun and spending time together. It usually implies something serious and turns to consideration of marriage. Here's what you should know about marriage in Mexico.

Fact #1: The Father's approval

A man is considered the family's head in Mexico. And fathers usually have a very reverential attitude to their daughters. They control who, when, and where she dates. And it means he's the one who has the ultimate say in letting a couple date. He also gives approval when they decide to marry. The wedding won't take place if the father is against it. Thus, get on well with her dad.

Fact #2: Intimacy before marriage

Yes or no? In most cases — no. Even despite the fact that the PDA isn't strict and couples can even kiss in public and never be judged for it, it's not okay to sleep together if there are at least no signs of your commitment and serious intentions. Single Mexican women stay pretty conservative when it comes to intimacy before marriage, and usually, they wait until a man proves he's a real gentleman. It has a lot to do with their religion and its teaching. The Catholic Church has a great influence on Mexican culture.

Fact #3: Marrying before 30

It concerns women mostly. Older Mexican men have no difficulty in finding a partner to marry. However, it's not like that when it comes to women in their 30s or older. It seems like their reasons for being single are socially looked over. There's a strong public opinion that if a woman isn't married before she's 30, there's something wrong with her. That's why many of them agree to marry a mediocre partner not to be single. However, this gender double-standard is changing nowadays and a younger generation of girls choose to marry whenever and whoever they want to.

Mexican woman

TOP 3 tips for dating Mexican women

There are certain Hispanic dating rules everyone follows in Mexico. So if you choose to date a Mexican woman, try to stick to the next tips as well.

  • Make the first move. As the Mexican dating culture is somewhat too traditional and conservative, the guy is supposed to make the first step. Normally, he ought to bring the lady a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolate, or any other sort of present. If you're dating online, men are supposed to write first. And if she likes you from the very first moment, everything is probably going to run smoothly. So, don't screw it up.
  • Get used to her loudness. It's not like they're yelling. They rather talk really enthusiastically about things. No matter if it's what film they watched, what politician won the campaign for the presidency, or what they had for lunch. They're just expressive and emotional. So no need to jump back in fear or worry they're upset. On the contrary, you'd better start to scent disaster when they're quiet.
  • Get on well with her family. Being on good terms with her father is of extreme importance. But it's almost as important to find a common language with all her family, even the extended one. Bonds everything for Mexicans and they're really tight. Children respect and honor their parents a lot. Grandparents, parents, children all live together in a common household. They'll all influence your girlfriend's attitude towards you.

Pros and cons of dating Mexican girls

Now let's see what benefits you get from dating a Latino beauty and what challenges you might come across.


  • Beauty. What man doesn't dream of a pretty girlfriend and wife? None. And you're surely not an exception as you've chosen to hunt for a Mexican single. You're indeed going to get the most beautiful woman. Mexicans are famous for their stunning looks and known as constant beauty contest winners.
  • Passion. Another undeniable privilege of dating a Mexican woman is her endless love, care, and support. And as they're a very passionate nation, they express all that, so you can't but notice. It's seen in every small detail — the way she'll hug you, cook meals for your family, or be helpful when you need it.
  • Fun. Finally, you get a very sociable, friendly, and easy-going partner. Mexican women are cheerful, loud, and outgoing. So when there's a chance — they have fun. They dance, laugh, tell jokes, sing songs. They are good at living life to its fullest. And they can teach you. As they say— a little party never killed nobody.


  • You might have to learn some Spanish. Well, at least some basics. Even if your Mexican woman speaks fluent English, it's highly likely her parents and all her family don't. And even if they do, they might be scared of speaking it because of their accent. And as you're going to see a lot of her relatives (sometimes a hundred or two on occasions like weddings), you'll need some Spanish if you want to make a good impression.
  • You might gain some weight. It's not a joke. It can become really challenging to cope with all that Mexican food your girlfriend's mother will be trying to feed you. And she will, be sure. It's kind of a national peculiarity of all Mexican moms. And, you know, it's going to be really difficult to say “no” as Mexican food is remarkably delicious.
  • You might get tired of waiting a lot. Mexicans, like many other Latinos, are almost always late. It's just another cultural peculiarity — it's okay for them to come 15-30 minutes or even 1 or 2 hours late depending on what the occasion or the situation is. Many Westerners (that are often very punctual and organized) find it difficult to adjust to it. But in time, they learn how to live with it, using some tricks.

In general, Mexicans are very friendly and warm. And so is their dating culture. It's full of nice traditions and customs. It values family bonds and appreciates faith and loyalty. As a rule, foreign men find it very enjoyable and pleasant when dating women in Mexico. Their relationships are full of support, love, and care. They're fed the yummiest meals. They can always rely on their partner. Their homes are cozy and clean. What else can one wish? What do you think? Want to give it a try?

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