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Top 10 Russian Cities And Their Mail-Order Brides

Posted 2020-11-05
3 min read
Top 10 Russian Cities And Their Mail-Order Brides

Where can you meet your own Russian mail order bride who would possess the features of a perfect wife? Here are the top 10 Russian cities where you can find the best Russian mail order brides.

10. Ryazan

Ryazan is in top-30 Russian cities by population so you won’t find difficulties meeting girls here. Local ladies are worth talking to as they possess the unique mentality and can become really interesting life partners.

9. Voronezh

Voronezh is another amazing Russian city for meeting Russian girls. In total there are around 1 million people living in this city and apart from Russian girls, you can also find there Ukrainian, Armenian and Tatar beauties. Many Voronezh mail order brides are registered on mail order bride dating sites, so it’s easy to find them online. 

8. Ufa

Ufa is a picturesque Russian city located on the river Belaya. It is the 11th most populous Russian city with mesmerizing single women! Besides beautiful Russian blondes with blue eyes, you can find dark-haired and passionate Tatar and Bashkir girls there.

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7. Kazan

If you are looking for educated and beautiful Russian mail order brides, you need to start your search from Kazan. Kazan is considered to be one of Russia’s largest religious, cultural, educational and scientific centres. And, apparently, the best Russian girls live there.

6. Rostov-on-Don

Are you into women with fair hair, blue or grey eyes and ruddy cheeks? Then looking for Russian mail order brides in Rostov-on-Don is a must for you. This is one of the most eastern cities in Russia and ethnic Russian make up 90% of Rostov-on-Don population. 

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5. Chelyabinsk

The first thing you must know about Chelyabinsk is that it is located just to the east of the Ural mountains. The second — that it is famous for its beautiful Chelyabinsk women. Although the city possesses the reputation of a rough place, local ladies are the most feminine of all.

4. Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod has always been an important economic centre of Russia. It is also a beautiful city with historical sights which lure hundreds of tourists. However, there are many tourists who visit Nizhny Novgorod for marriage purposes since the city is full of attractive single young women.

3. Novosibirsk

This city is the third most populated city in Russian and it happens to be on the third place in our rating of top cities for finding Russian mail order brides. Why? Because Novosibirsk single girls are among the most stunning Russian women

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2. Saint Petersburg

There is no way you will end up being single in Saint Petersburg. Leave alone the fact that it’s the second largest city in Russia — the huge number of single Russian women there is not even the point. The point is that all of them are eager to enter relationships with foreigners.

1. Moscow

Do you know how many people live in Moscow? Over 13 million! Among them, there are people of different nationalities — Armenians, Azerbaijani, Tatars, Turkmen, Ukrainians and others. Can you imagine the fraction of single Russian mail order brides among them? The highest chances of meeting your love are undoubtedly in Russia’s capital.

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