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Signs That A Vietnamese Girl Likes You

Posted 2021-12-05
7 min read
Signs That A Vietnamese Girl Likes You

The task to understand it seems unreal if you haven`t been dealing with Vietnamese women quite closely. From first sight, they look conservative and shy, so it isn`t clear how to detect their emotions. Fortunately, right now you`ve come across a priceless guide to their minds and souls. Enjoy!

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How to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you with no efforts

Vietnamese girls appear to be enigmatic and timid. It`s not a case when you read ladies like open books. Men go out of their minds trying to understand the true feelings of these females. Calm down, you won`t join the ranks of such poor fellows. Secrets of women from Vietnam were revealed. Here you`ll find working signals of their affection.

She smiles a lot

Smile is the mirror of the heart. It`s nothing but true. If a lady often grins in your company, it means that she feels comfortable with you and doesn`t want to hide it. She won`t smile more than once to a stranger she isn`t interested in. You make her experience positive emotions, and she discloses affection unconsciously.

Vietnamese woman

She plays with her hair

It`s a universal female`s sign of interest. She may touch, brush, or put it aside; she also might twirl her fingers with it. All similar manipulations show that a woman values time spent with you and wants to look attractive. She may feel a little bit shy, but it demonstrates her real desire to be in your company.

She wants to be close

Vietnamese lady who likes you will always try to be as close to her object of admiration as possible. She`ll bridge the gaps between you in companies, sit next to you, look at an object that is near you, like a plant, picture, or something else. Sometimes she may even bump into you outdoors or in a building. Don`t be surprised if a girl will often drop her items by your side. You`re on your way! She likes you so much that she invents various ways to get you closer.

She tries to get your attention

If a woman wants romantic relationships with you, she`ll go at it hammer and tongs to make you notice her. It isn`t a big deal to recognize such attempts. She may raise her voice, stand or sit too straight when you`re somewhere around. Another method is to involve you in coaction, like asking for your help or guidance. A lady believes that you`re a gentleman who can`t refuse her request, thus you`ll spend some time together and she`ll have an opportunity to use her charm.

She asks you personal questions

Have no second thoughts: a girl who is into you wants to know everything about your life. She`ll ask you hundreds of questions, trying to find things that are common for both. Be ready to tell about childhood, family bonds, experience of relationships with women. She`ll definitely ask you about the reasons for loneliness and why you broke up with your ex-girlfriend. The reason for such curiosity is her strong belief that knowing each other on a deep level, you`ll make a profound step to love affair.

She touches you

There is a tendency: the more a lady touches you, the more she`s flirting with you. Often body language means more than words, especially when it`s about female`s feelings. If she puts her hand on your shoulder or knees when you`re sitting next to each other — she isn`t going to share your attention with someone else. Touching your hand is the manifestation of the highest level of affection.

She laughs at your jokes

If a woman is attracted to you, all your good qualities will be increased for her. Obviously, she`ll be more likely to laugh at your jokes and will notice even the most insignificant ones. Of course, she may be just a cheerful person who appreciates humor, but if she pays special attention to your jests, it`s for a reason. You may check how a girl feels about you, telling a plain joke in her company and looking at her reaction.

Vietnamese girl

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How to know if a Vietnamese woman likes you by her body language

The significance of body language is undeniable. However, it can play a dirty trick with you, as it isn`t universal everywhere. In Vietnam, there`re some specific traditions concerning gestures used for revealing appropriate emotions.

  • Lining her body.If her head, chest, and the whole body are turned in your direction — all her attention is yours. It shows how much she tries not to miss any of your words. Thus, they matter a lot to this woman. She may neglect what the other members of your company are saying, but not you. It means that you`re the only object of her interest.
  • Having beady eyes.Also, pay attention to the girl`s pupils, as she can`t control them, so they give out her real feelings. If during the conversation you notice her pupils become wider, it`s a good sign that she enjoys your company.
  • Twisting a wrist.This gesture means that a lady can`t understand you or partially grasps your idea. This sign reminds the process of unscrewing a light bulb. Imagine that you bring a hand up, like indicating something huge, and wiggle it around. Here is this gesture. A woman will use it when she can`t understand what you`re saying but is afraid to look silly, as your opinion is important for her.
  • Touching herself.Calm down your imagination, here we`ll talk about innocent touches, like rubbing her neck, wrist, or legs. Women of Vietnam do all these things subconsciously, communicating with a person who is hot in their views. Actually, it means that they want an interlocutor to touch them. When you notice a lady behaving as described, give her some physical contact, and you`ll see her sparkling eyes. You may just grab her hand or put her hair behind the ear.
  • Crossing legs or arms.This is a sign of feeling uncomfortable. Girls from Vietnam are quite modest and can be easily confused if something goes wrong, not as they expected. In such cases, they cross legs or arms, trying to protect inner harmony. If you notice that a woman feels uncomfortable, ease her up with a sincere smile, or change the topic to a more relaxed one.

Emoticons — instead of thousand words to tell if a Vietnamese girl likes you

Today people all over the world are fans of messages. Often such a way of interaction is more popular than phone calls. Ladies of Vietnam support these statistics by being active users of online chats. Dealing with one of them, for sure you`ll be involved in messages` exchange. Actually, it`s for the best, as you`ll have one more method to know how a Vietnamese woman likes you.

Communicating with your beloved through messages, pay attention not only to her words but also to signs and smiley faces called emoticons. These marks have been brought up to fine art by the courting Vietnamese girls. Here are some examples of the most widespread emoticons and their meanings so that you could be fully equipped to understand your lady clearly.

  • ^_^ — she feels shy; perhaps, it`s because she likes you much
  • ^o^ — your girl feels pleased with time spent together
  • *_* — she is amazed at something you told or did; you are on the right track!
  • =; — talk to the hand or sometimes waving goodbye ending up conversation
  • :-t — your interlocutor is extremely irritated and would probably hammer you, if you were next to her
  • ^: — it`s too much for her, and she gives up

There is nothing impossible in our world. You can comprehend even the most secretive soul just being insistent and patient enough. Vietnamese girls aren`t used to revealing their feelings quickly, but now you know her signs of affection. Use it and be the architect of your own fortunes.

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