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Can You Buy A Bride Online? Hear A Real Mail Order Bride Story!

Posted 2020-11-05
4 min read
Can You Buy A Bride Online? Hear A Real Mail Order Bride Story!

‘Buying’ a mail-order bride is a thing many men can afford today. You can visit a specialized dating venue and find yourself a perfect foreign match. It is okay if you want to check the real stories before the registration. There are the cases American men share to tell the others about their experience of getting themselves a mail-order bride from another country.

’I liked her from the first profile picture’ - Ethan, 38

’I met my wife, Irina, six years ago on the Internet. I was particularly looking for a Russian woman. However, it was not something serious for me. I simply hanged on mail-order brides dating sites to have some fun dating foreign girls. Surely, I knew that they wanted a serious relationship, but I thought it was not for me. The ladies were all beautiful, so I had some nice time chatting around.

And then, one fine day, I saw Irina’s profile. It was like a strike of lightning for me, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was so stunning! I couldn’t help it and wrote her a message. Then another one. And another one…

She appeared to be witty and fun - just as I imagined. And then I had some tough time asking her out for a real-life date. 2 months passed, she didn’t want to come to America, so I went to Russia and surprised her with my arrival. The real-life meeting was even better than I had imagined it, and since then we never broke up. It has already been almost five years since we got married, we live in Florida and raise up a little girl.

Who knew that a dating site would work for me like this?’

’A pretty lady to brighten up my life’ - Anthony, 40

’Mail-order bride dating has been a huge part of my life - it took me around 5 years to find my only one. Although I had already had some not so good experience, it didn’t stop me from searching for love. I knew that I was keen on tender Asian women, and so I was determined to find the one there.

My Thai lady appeared suddenly. She texted me first, and since that very first message, we couldn’t stop talking for a day. I was surprised how active and initiative she was, and after a short time Sanoh agreed to visit me in Chicago.

What a beautiful time we had here! Unfortunately, she had to go home really fast and we had no chance to meet for almost a year. But it never stopped us from the communication online, and later I proposed. We have been married for two years now, Sanoh lives in Chicago with me. I’m glad that a simple site helped me make my big dream come true. Having a loving and caring wife around - what else could a decent man ask for?’

’I found a perfect crazy girl like me’ - Tyler, 35

’I have never been looking for a regular lady. I’m active and adventurous, and I like a bit of a challenge - that’s why chasing for a wife online was my choice. At least, it was unusual and gave me many opportunities.

I met my Latin beauty on day two on the site. Her name is Paula, and she is so beautiful no normal man could resist her charm. We got into a chat and went on communication via calls, Skype and emails. We share the same interests, so it wasn’t even a question for me if I want to date her or not.

Paula is just as crazy as me. She likes sudden adventures, so I took her on a random trip to Peru. As she comes from Brazil, it was a nice chance for both of us to visit a new place and know each other better.

It has been a year since we have started our acquaintance, and two weeks ago I proposed. I can’t wait to spend my life with that positively mad woman, and I am sure that our marriage will last!’

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