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Why Do Filipinas Marry Foreigners And Do They Stay Together For Long?

Posted 2021-11-16
6 min read
filipinas marry foreginers

The Philippines have become a popular destination for US males looking for the best foreign wives to marry. It seems a Filipina wife and American husband make a happy family, and the success rate of such marriages is overwhelming! Why are Philippines mail order brides so popular with American men and why is every second Filipina woman chooses dating a foreigner? This puzzle is easy to solve if you read this article till the end!

Main reasons why do Filipinas want to have an American husband

Every woman wants to find a reliable and loving partner to build a family with. But why do so many Filipino women look for marriage abroad and don't mind leaving everything? Here are some factors to consider:

Filipina wife and American husband

  • Hope to fall in love: Filipinas perceive American men like superheroes from the movies. They appreciate different American appearances and being taller than local guys. Furthermore, Americans dress well and have a good upbringing that doesn't allow them to offend a partner they live with. Such a good attitude and respect for a woman can be a good reason to love a person and be happy in marriage.
  • Orientation to the family: Filipina women wish not just to create their own family but make it loving and caring. It's their local culture to stick to traditional family values.
  • Search for mutually beneficial relationships: since an American marrying a Filipina is ready to provide his spouse with comfort and stability, Asian ladies want to give care and support in response.
  • More opportunities: Filipina ladies can get more quality education, healthcare, and better facilities if they leave their motherland. Their kids won't be limited either, so the future for Filipina girls will be much more promising!
  • Desire to get out of poverty: despite a deep attachment to the family, Filipina girls decide to sacrifice it for a more comfortable life and the opportunity to help their family members at least a long distance.

Why do foreigners love Filipinas?

Nowadays, a foreigner looking for Filipina isn't unusual. Though you may think about a great difference between the races, appearance, and traditions these people have, western guys choose marrying a Filipina woman for specific reasons:

Exceptional natural beauty

Thanks to their natural exotic appearance and delicate facial features, women from the Philippines have become winners of numerous beauty contests. They're slim and fragile like ballerinas, as well as have an engaging and eye-catching smile that warms up even the coldest heart.

why do Filipinas want to have an American husband

Outstanding qualities of an excellent wife

Many males don't wonder why to marry a Filipina since these ladies are hard-working and cheerful. They're also characterized by endless patience and obedience. Such brides never start scandals and wouldn't mind getting a job if there are any difficulties with finances. Other great traits of these women are their intelligence and diligence. Filipina girls become great talkers on various topics and try to achieve the best results not only in household chores but also all other activities they take up.

Belief in the essence of family

Is there a better wife than a woman whose life priority is a family? Filipino ladies will never think twice if they're asked to give up their career for the sake of the family. The main role of women in this culture is to be the light of the family and unite all members to have a proper bonding.

Do white guys like Filipino girls?

It's not a secret that people are often attracted to their opposites. White males are highly attracted to olive skin shade, dark brown hair, and almond-shaped eyes, so it isn't surprising that women with the following appearance always appear to be an example of the girl's beauty for them. Many European and American males fall in love with amazing Filipino ladies who are absolute opposites to western ladies with feministic views and pampered lifestyle. Filipino ladies don’t ask much and are content with little, so it often to be the main reason to pay attention to these girls and learn them better. Furthermore, their exotic appearance and friendly nature draw men like a magnet too.

American marrying a Filipina

Filipino women and black men: are they a good match?

There's hardly anything surprising in mixed couples. Skin tone is often the last thing people pay attention to when choosing a partner. No wonder you can meet a Filipino American couple where the husband is African American, and it isn't a problem for his wife. Only communication and learning a person better can help you understand if a pen-friend appeals to you and can steal your heart forever. Therefore, Filipina women rarely refuse to interact with men because of origin.

Filipino American marriage success rate

It's not surprising that over 50% of marriages in the USA end up in divorce. However, if you look at the statistics at the divorce rate by ethnicity, you'll see that the rate is almost twice lower in marriages with Asian women. A good deal of marriage success is Filipina foreigner relationship. American men take the first position among foreigners who marry Filipina women, namely 26.8%, and these marriages are the strongest ones.

According to the data provided by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas Report, the marriage success rate between American men and women from this isle country constitutes over 80%. Why is it so you may wonder? The range of reasons looks as follows:

  • More mature male partners who decide to search for Asian ladies looking for marriage want to find a partner for life and have family-oriented goals.
  • Negative attitude to divorce among Filipinas: the Philippines is one of two countries in the world where divorce is prohibited. People are raised with the viewpoint that it's unacceptable and must be prevented in any way.
  • Bona fide (authentic) relationships: a man who wants to bring his Filipina wife to the US should prove the genuity of their feelings and readiness for marriage, so these relationships are checked prior to being registered.

marrying a Filipina woman

The number of international marriages keeps growing incessantly, so Filipina dating a foreigner has become a traditional practice. Males from the Philippines often choose US women for marriage, but it happens twice more frequently when western men look for Filipina mail order brides. Ladies appreciate the opportunity to get an American or European husband too and undertake lots of steps towards them. No wonder such marriages are characterized by high success rates, and their number continues to move up.

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