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Why Asian Girls Wanna Marry A Foreigner?

Asian brides

A lot of people wonder why people of different races are drawn to each other. It has been a hot topic lately! The simple answer is the undeniable attraction between people who come from different backgrounds and nationalities. It's indeed enticing to be with someone who is different from you and who spices up your life.

Some girls have their eyes set for Western men only! Just like lots of Americans are highly attracted to Asian beauties, the same goes the other way round. Asian women for marriage are fascinated by those beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. It doesn't mean if you have black hair or brown eyes, they won't be interested. The key part is having Western looks and coming from European or American continents. You'll have a high chance of winning a single Asian girl over by being yourself and rocking your natural beauty!

It isn't a secret that a lot of people have uncommon living conditions. So, they might be looking for various ways to change that. One of those is for Asian girls to find husbands abroad and move to live a healthy and beautiful life. Don't fear you'll see only country girls who are somewhat less educated than city girls. There are thousands of candidates to choose from, and you'll find the love of your life.

Why western men choose Asian brides for marriage?

One of the main reasons for Americans to choose their brides who come from Asia is those girls being extremely loyal. They're taught from a young age about the basic life canons and treatment of others. They have immense respect for their significant others and love to show that in a cute way. They'd never hurt your feelings on purpose and think twice before doing something!

Secondly, Asian women wanting to marry American men are really good listeners. They have a lot of patience and self-control to pay full attention to you and listen carefully to your words. You can even expect them to remember what you've said, and you'll be surprised how they memorise your dialogues from 2 years ago. Although, they aren't overly obsessive about their crushes this way. Beautiful Asian ladies simply have a really good memory about important things they've done with you.

Finally, Asian girls for marriage are beautiful! You cannot argue with this fact. They have gorgeous skin, magnificent black hair, and pretty eyes. They love dressing nicely and according to the latest fashion. Moreover, there's such a thing as Asian street style. Girls dress casually but with incredible expressive taste.

Traditions and cultural peculiarities of single Asian women to marry

Asian mail-order brides

Gorgeous Asian girls love taking care of their body. They have special skin care routines they follow every day. Depending on the country your girl is from, she might have a simple or a complicated routine. So, don't be surprised if she takes a long time to get ready in the morning or if the bathroom is often occupied. She might be doing some masks or toning her face. After all, that’s one of the reasons why Asian women look so beautiful. Their skin practically glows!

Another peculiarity is that most Asians believe in spirits. It may sound crazy to some people, but it's true! They believe in life after death and respect their ancestors. They don't want to make them angry, so they make various ceremonies to honor the dead.

It's a well-known fact that Asian women age well. They keep their baby faces till very old age. You might confuse a 40 year old with a 20 year old. They have a special genetic predisposition on this matter. It's fascinating how some people don't have wrinkles even when they grow older. Their skin stays tight and smooth pretty much forever!

It's supposedly a cultural thing that all Asian ladies are quiet. They don't speak loud and respect the silence. You aren't going to hear your Asian girlfriend yell at you or speak in a high voice. She'll be peaceful and always talk with one volume of her voice. In rare cases, she'll speak loud, but that would mean that something isn't going right and you have to acknowledge that.

What problems you can face when looking for Asian girlfriend?

Some girls might be too traditional and dependent on their family. They won't be willing to relocate or move to another country. These are some rare occurrences, but still it's a possibility. Your Asian beauty can ask you to move to her country or at least visit on a monthly basis if you have to stay abroad for work.

Single Asian women may want a lot of children. Some ladies want to build strong and big families where you'll always hear kids laughing and running around. This family concept might not be for everyone. Therefore, you should definitely discuss that beforehand. You'll save yours and her time.

Some beautoful Asian ladies aren't willing to work after they get married. They believe a husband should provide financial stability for the family, while they keep the comfort and peace in the house. This concept is widely known in various Asian countries, especially in the rural areas with traditional population.

On the other hand, your mail order bride can be a workaholic! Some countries, like Japan, for example, have high rates of population are addicted to their job. They practically live in their workplaces. They have this unique mentality and strong will to even think of their professional responsibilities while being on a holiday.

American woman VS Asian woman

Asian women

Asian women are looking up to their weddings since they're little girls. They dream about building a big family where everyone supports each other. Americans are rather individualistic and don't hurry with such important life decisions. They prefer to have more time to choose.

Americans are more outgoing and pretty sociable while Asians tend to be quiet and shy. They don't like loud parties and socializing for long. They prefer the comfort of an intimate conversation. Asian girls love making friends, but in a different way. They value the closeness they get when they meet someone.

Asians are more family oriented, while Americans are more career driven individuals. These two different focuses set them completely apart. Asians will always be looking forward to starting a family and bringing up children. Americans will be pursuing career goals and getting higher on the professional ladder.

Interesting facts about single Asian women

Here are some fascinating points not everyone knows about Asians. Some might surprise you, while others will make you go into a little shock!

  1. Once married, an Asian bride will be focusing on pleasing her husband. She'll meet all your sexual preferences and crazy fantasies.
  2. Asian girls drink a lot of hot water. They believe it's good for your digestion and good health overall.
  3. Your lady may have a Western name and an Asian name. They find it easier to communicate this way and not get their names said wrongly every time.

How to make a real Asian girl like you?

Asian girls

There are some important points to know before you decide to date an Asian beauty. If you want a girl to be interested in you and not lose interest throughout the primary phase of your relationship, here is what you have to do!

  • Pay attention to everything she has to say
  • Make sure she knows that you learn little things about her
  • Make an effort to learn about her family and friends
  • Always be kind and respectful when talking to her and other people
  • Don't push her to do things she doesn’t want to do
  • Learn some words and phrases in her language
  • Give her cute gifts she can adore.