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Having An Asian Wife: Pros and Cons Of Marrying An Asian Woman

Posted 2021-05-27
3 min read
Having An Asian Wife: Pros and Cons

Some men learn little about what Asian girls for marriage are like, yet they marry them. They end up being disappointed when their worlds, cultures and attitudes to life do not match. So the more you know, the better armed will be on the love field. Here are all the pros and cons of marrying an Asian woman — check out whether having an Asian wife is right for you.


1. She will not be very picky with you

Asian women typically do not have high expectations of men. If you’re capable of earning money for the family and doing basic things about the house — this is enough for an Asian wife to be satisfied. However, she might expect a lot from your career achievements.

2. Your Asian wife will not rely on you financially

Asian women are hard-working — this is in their culture. Girls in China and Japan have a huge workload at schools, at work, they often overperform and generally do their best at anything. They have ambitious aspirations, so it is very unlikely an Asian wife will depend on you financially. 

Asian woman

3. She will handle the family budget easily

Capability to save and spend wisely — this is what can be said about a good Asian wife. She will gladly take care of a family budget, and letting her do this will be your best decision in life.

4. Asian wife will show you respect

Asian girls are brought up knowing that there is no much wiser and respected person than an elder. They also will never say anything disrespectful towards their parents or other family members. That is why Asian women treat their husbands with so much respect — it is rooted deeply in their culture.

5. She will feed you well

Asian brides are also known for outstanding cooking skills. The other thing is, however, if you are a fan of Asian cuisine. But even if not — you will start liking it once you marry an Asian woman.

6. Asian wife will surprise you in bed

In Asian culture, it is expected that women do all their best to please men in sex. So if you enjoy the latter, marrying an Asian girl will be the best decision for you.


1. Your Asian wife may be less adventurous

While Asian women are hard-working, ambitious and have traditional views on family, they may be less adventurous than European or American girls. They would prefer doing their work or chores to cut out early, pack bags and travel somewhere out of the blue. 

Asian girl

2. She will expect you to learn her culture

Even though Asian women are easy-going, they stay firm concerning their cultures and languages. So if you want to marry and Asian bride, bear in mind that one day you will have to learn Chinese (Vietnamese, Japanese or any other Asian language) and be open to learning the customs and traditions of her region.

As you can see, the pros of having an Asian wife outweigh the cons. So maybe dating an Asian bride is really worth giving a shot?

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