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Colombian Dating Culture: Rules, Etiquette, Facts, Myths

Posted 2021-12-05
8 min read
Сolombian Dating Culture

How can I impress a Colombian girl? Is that a question you`ve been asking yourself lately? If you need more information about Colombian dating customs, tips for dating Latino girls, and facts about the culture they live in, keep reading.

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TOP 3 facts about dating in Colombia

Before you start dating a woman from Colombia, learn a few dating peculiarities her culture is characterized by.

Fact #1: No easy girls

It`s one of the most contradicting facts about Colombian dating culture. On the one hand, girls seem easy-going, fun, and, to some extent, frivolous. It creates an impression that they`re easy to get. However, it`s not like that. In most cases, men have to be patient while dating in Colombia, as good girls need time to know them better until their relationship becomes more intimate. Sometimes it takes 3-4 months of dating. Sometimes less or more. Anyway, the women are serious about it.

dating in Colombia

Fact #2: No game-playing

That`s good news for foreign men who`re tired of constant “beating around the bush” situations when dating indecisive and wishy-washy girls. The Colombian women are direct and forthright when they start dating a man. It means there won`t be any “When is she going to text me back?”, “Are we really dating or just hanging out?” or “Does she like me?” questions. If she`s into you, you`ll know it. If your relationship is serious, you`ll know it. You`ll be aware of everything that concerns you and your couple.

Fact #3: No loneliness

When you start dating a Colombian woman for marriage, it`s like you start dating her whole family and friends. The nation is notably family-focused. You`ll notice it immediately as they spend lots of time with their relatives. Gatherings, dinners, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, and a huge number of other occasions to see each other are never neglected. So it`s impossible to feel lonely in a culture like that. Her family and friends will become your family and friends. They`ll welcome you with open arms.

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TOP 3 tips on dating a Colombian woman

Want to succeed in picking up girls in Colombia? Here are some pieces of advice for meeting and dating Colombian women.

  • Take the lead. It concerns everything — asking out, picking a place to go to or to eat at, and making some more serious decisions about dating or family life. It might be very different from what you`re used to. They expect equality and don`t mind splitting the bills, making money, asking out, etc. However, you`ll get more success with women in Colombia by taking the lead and being more confident and stubborn in your approach. But don`t be overly aggressive, no one likes it.
  • Act masculine. Even though Colombian women can be demanding, suspicious, and overemotional, they`re still regarded as one of the most feminine. Not barely in the physical way, but also in how they carry themselves. And just because of that they expect men to act masculine. No, you don`t have to walk around like a real macho. That`s not a thing. What men are expected in Colombian dating culture is proving they can be strong and assertive leaders. Ladies appreciate the courageous and independent partners.
  • Accept her craziness. Women in Colombia are indeed different from what you`re used to. They`re usually more “loca” than the preponderance of Western girls. They can call you multiple times a day just to ask how everything is going. They like Whatsapp and utilize it a lot just to ask where you are. And that`s a bit of a red flag for you if she doesn`t hit you up all day.

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TOP 3 facts about Colombian dating etiquette

There are certain unspoken dating rules everyone follows in Colombia. Here they are.

Colombian dating culture

Fact #1: Attractive appearance

Girls just can`t allow themselves to look bad when they`re on a date. In fact, they look like a million dollars in any situation — at work, at a party, when meeting a friend for a coffee, or while going on a date. Expect her to always be well put together. Like, literally, always. Even if you`re just going for a walk, not too far, not somewhere fancy. Colombian women pride themselves on having an attractive appearance, fit bodies, nice white snow smile, and flawless taste in the way they dress.

Fact #2: Sacred relationships

That`s what all foreigners notice when they happen to experience Colombian dating culture — relationships are more sacred and valuable. It`s not like people don`t cheat, but it`s less of a frivolous thing when you start dating and then break up a week after. People just tend to value relationships more in Colombia — any relationships in fact — business, friendship, family, colleagues. So if you don`t screw everything up and don`t do anything really drastic — a Colombian girl will certainly hold onto you.

Fact #3: Public display of affection

Let`s make it clear — Colombian women aren`t really the way they`re depicted in movies or TV shows. Yes, they`re emotional and expressive, especially if they`re compared to other girls from Europe or Asia. But don`t think of them as someone completely thoughtless and careless. In fact, women from Colombia are much more modest, humble, and simple. And yes, the public display of affection isn`t that strict as in some countries, and couples in Colombia can kiss and hug when there are people around. Still, they never allow themselves something indecent or low.

Possible challenges when dating a woman from Colombia

Are there any obstacles you can face while dating a Colombian girl? Of course, there are. No relationships are perfect. But they`re easy to overcome if you know about them and know the possible ways out.

  • They`re always late.‌ It seems like Latinos have no sense of time. It`s displayed in many ways. Firstly, they`re of course, always late. For example, if the date is arranged at 7, they might come at 8. Secondly, they give promises to do something at a precise time and rarely stick to the schedule. Another example — she might say she`ll cook something for you tomorrow, but she`ll do it just the next weekend.
  • They always exaggerate.‌ Here are a few more examples that`ll help you to get what Colombians really are when dating. They say things like “You do it all the time” or “It`s been ages since you...” even if you`ve done it just once or have done something for her recently. And a lot of claims like that which can make you feel really puzzled.
  • They`re always right.‌ This fact might drive crazy many foreigners who`re just not used to so stubborn personalities like Colombians. You need to be patient when having an argument with a Latino. Colombians are unshakable when it comes to proving they`re right.

dating a Colombian woman

The benefits you get when dating a Colombian

The challenges above are so tiny, unimportant, and can be easily solved if you give them some time. But here are the perks you get.

  • Colombians are commonly regarded as kind, cheerful, and helpful people. You usually see them having fun with friends and families. Their happiness and joy are contagious. It means you can`t but become happy if dating a girl from Colombia.
  • Colombians are fantastic at enjoying little things in life. This feature is peculiar to people who have come through a lot of obstacles, difficulties, and hardships in life. Because the country isn`t that rich, people learn how to appreciate what they have. They value the most important — family, friendship, love.
  • Locals are inclined to stay confident and decisive. They`re very positive people. They`re incredibly talented and intelligent. They constantly discover methods to overcome any challenges and problems. It seems like there`s nothing that can stop a Colombian from being happy. When there`s an issue — they always know what to do to solve it.
  • Dating a woman from Colombia means always having a chance for either a good small hearty talk or a long meaningful conversation. They know what to say and how to support. They know when to keep silent and just listen. They know when advice is needed and when it`s better to keep it to yourself.

Who else can make your life happier and more fun? Who else is able to make you laugh? To support you in any situation? To give you all you need? Colombian women are perfect for that role. What do you think?

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