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CaribbeanCupid review
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CaribbeanCupid review
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About CaribbeanCupid

CaribbeanCupid is another niche dating site that was started by Cupid Media in 1999. The site is one of the best dating sites for singles who are interested in Caribbean women. There are some useful features available on the site to help people find their ideal match and start a successful relationship. Standard users have quite a few limitations on the site. However, there are still enough features and functions to get the new user to try out their premium services.

CaribbeanCupid Start Page

The purpose of CaribbeanCupid is to help singles find people for friendship and love. The site has more than 200,000 users from the USA alone. Moreover, there are over 55,000 new users on a monthly basis. Another one of the advantages of using CaribbeanCupid is that the ratio of men to women is the site is equal.

Most of the users on the site are from countries such as Bahamas, Barbados, and the British Virgin Islands. Majority of the members on CaribbeanCupid speak English, which makes it easier for users from the USA to communicate. Compared to other online dating sites, the platform has fewer active users on the site. Also, the most active age group on the site is users in their 30s.


  • Quick and simple registration.
  • Organized mobile app.
  • A balanced gender ratio.
  • Free to browse through profiles.
Have you always dreamt about attractive Caribbean women? You need to try CaribbeanCupid!
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  • Less number of daily users.

Ease of Use

Free and Quick Registration

Users have to provide basic details such as Name, Gender, Age, Email, and Password to complete the initial step of registration. The procedure is simple and can be completed in no time. Users also have to option to go with Facebook login to complete the registration procedure. Like other dating sites nowadays, CaribbeanCupid also has a basic verification procedure to keep the spammers away from the platform. Users will have to enter their location, PC details, and upload a document for verification. Alternatively, one can also call their customer support at +61 7 55711181 to read out a tracking number that is mentioned on the page.

CaribbeanCupid does not require the users to verify their email addresses. It can help the new users to complete their registration process quickly. At the same time, it can be one of the major drawbacks since there can be a lot of fake profiles on the platform.

Free registration

Make your Profile Descriptive

It is highly recommended that users provide as much information as possible on their profiles. This will help the users to get better and more matches as per their preferences and likings. Some users tend to message users with a more descriptive profile. Make sure your intentions, preferences, and habits are clear from your profile.

Communication at

There are limited communication tools on CaribbeanCupid dating site. However, free users can opt for tools such as “Show Interest” or “Add to favorites.” Aside from these, users can also message other members on the platform. However, free users can only communicate with premium users.

Live Chat Option

The live chat option allows the users to communicate with the people that they are interested in. However, a free user cannot message another free user. Live chat through instant messenger is only allowed for premium users to communicate with everyone and anyone on CaribbeanCupid website.

How Much does CaribbeanCupid Cost?

What do free users get at

There are not a lot of benefits for free users on CaribbeanCupid. However, one can still opt for the standard membership, try out their different features and then choose a premium membership. Here are the features and functions available for free users:

  1. Show interests
  2. Registration
  3. Profile creation
  4. Basic matchmaking
  5. Communicate with premium members

These are the basic features that every online dating website provides nowadays. But, if you are looking for efficient and quick results, opt for a premium membership.

What do premium users get at

The premium users can utilize all the features and functionalities of CaribbeanCupid. The dating site has a great success record for its premium users. Here are some of the features for premium users on CaribbeanCupid:

  1. Communication with every member
  2. Anonymous browsing
  3. Comment on photos
  4. No advertisements
  5. Exclusive search features
  6. VIP Highlighting

CaribbeanCupid does not have a credit based system for their premium features. Users will have to opt for one of the two memberships that is available on the platform to utilize all the premium features. CaribbeanCupid has a Gold and Platinum membership for its users. 

CaribbeanCupid has quite an average pricing scheme which allows the users to take full advantage of all the features on the site. However, if you are looking for different types of communication tools, CaribbeanCupid is not the site you would want to invest your time and money in. With this upper-moderate pricing, there are a number of features which can increase your chances of getting better matches.

The pricing for the membership and plans are as follows:

1 month - Gold
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3 month - Gold
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12 month - Gold
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1 month - Platinum
Free Sign Up
3 month - Platinum
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12 month - Platinum
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CaribbeanCupid Profiles

The profiles on CaribbeanCupid are quite descriptive. One can get to know almost everything about another user from their profile. However, not every user fills out all the details regarding their preferences and likings. Here are a few details that one can find on the profile:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Physical features
  • Lifestyle
  • Habits
  • Hobbies
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • Verified members have a badge

It is always advised to make detailed profiles to get a large number of people as per your preferences.

Verified profiles at CaribbianCupid

Quantity of profiles

Compared to other online dating platforms, CaribbeanCupid has fewer members on the site. There are around 55,000 active users on a monthly basis, which is quite a low rate of active members for a dating site. However, CaribbeanCupid has a large international user base as there are plenty of users from the USA. There are no private profiles on the site. Even though there are fewer users, one can still find their match at any time in the day due to the equal ratio of men and women on the site.

Matchmaking algorithms

One of the best features of using CaribbeanCupid is that every user, be it a standard one or a premium user can use the basic and advanced search features. The users have the option to select women on the basis of over 20 filters. The advanced search filters allow users to select users on the basis of the age range, location, physical appearance, hobbies, lifestyle, etc. With these filters, one can easily match with their ideal partner on the site.

Search algorithm

It can be quite difficult for a person to apply all the filters for every search. Therefore, we recommend the users to leave out a few filters to have a larger pool of women to choose from. The users can also sort profile on the basis of most recently active, location, etc. CaribbeanCupid makes the task of finding the ideal partner much simpler with their useful filters and advanced matchmaking features.

The advanced search filters can easily find a match with their ideal partner on the site.

Mobile application

CaribbeanCupid has a mobile application which is available for free for Android users. iOS users will have to use the mobile version of the site to be able to date on the go. That is one of the biggest drawbacks of using CaribbeanCupid. But the free Android mobile application can be downloaded from the Play Store. Users can use the app to find attractive matches from anywhere at any time.

The mobile application has a simple and organized user-interface. The mobile application also provides the same features as available on the desktop. It is user-friendly and makes the dating experience on CaribbeanCupid much better. With the mobile application, users can also keep their message more organized.

Mobile application


Additional services

  • Verify accounts CaribbeanCupid provides the users with a verified badge if they go through the complete procedure for account verification. It is always recommended to get the badge as it will increase your chances of getting the ideal woman.
  • CupidTags CupidTags allows the user to associate certain tags to their profiles. These can help other members to look for your profile whenever someone searches for those particular tags.

Final Thoughts

CaribbeanCupid is a useful site for singles who are interested in attractive Caribbean women from all around the globe. However, it offers more or less the same features and functionalities as compared to its counterparts. The design of the website, features, and processes are exactly similar to other Cupid Media sites. If you haven't faced any issue while using other Cupid Media sites, there are fairly fewer chances that you will face issues with CaribbeanCupid.

However, there are comparatively, less number of users on the platform which hampers the dating experience. Also, the pricing of the site is above average, which does not make it worth the investment, considering the communication tools and the number of users. One should still try their luck at CaribbeanCupid if they are interested in attractive Caribbean women. But, make sure you clearly mention your intentions to other users beforehand.

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