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Why Slavic Girls Wanna Marry A Foreigner?

Slavic girls have always been a dainty to the eyes of the foreign men. Now let’s figure out the reasons why these girls are so bent to marry Western men. What are the exact causes of this western culture fever?

First, these mail-order brides look for equality in the relationship. They are completely tired of being treated like objects and being pressured by the society to do the things they don’t want to. They want the same conditions for both partners. Nevertheless, the majority of them still look for foreign men to fulfill their primary needs.

Secondly, beautiful Slavic girls are trying to find men who can get their hands dirty with the house chores. In their own countries, they're predestined to do it all themselves. It's indeed a fairly easy responsibility. Nonetheless, when you mix it up with other work duties and child care, it becomes an unbearable burden. Thus, they also want their men to be helpful and care about their physical and mental health. They want to come home and feel free to simply relax and not clean the house or cook food.

Slavic woman

Thirdly, respectful men are always in style! Those who consider their partners and appreciate their work. Men who value their wives are loved three times harder than others. A woman will do anything for her man, but it's always a great pleasure to see our man caring about you and acknowledging your existence. Some Slavic men still don't know how to break their male ego and be appreciative.

All in all, some Slavic ladies want to leave their countries and for various reasons. Some don't find it exciting to live in and simply want to look for more opportunities elsewhere. It can seem like a materialistic calculation. Nevertheless, both sexes are ever attracted to successful people and those who have goals in life. Women want to achieve their career goals and get on another level of life.

Why western men choose Slavic brides?

Slavic women for marriage

These women know how to clean and keep the place tidy! They don't like having things out of order and take care of them. They've been taught to live this way since they were young. They would always help their mothers and grandmothers around the house. They know all the useful life hacks on how to keep things as good as new.

Slavic brides are intelligent. They have higher education and work hard to develop themselves on various subjects. They love learning new things and don't say no to prospective opportunities. Your future Slavic mail order bride can surely hold an interesting conversation and surprise your friends with her wittiness.

Slavic ladies are well known for their caring nature. They give unconditional love to their partners and always take care of them. You can sleep tight knowing that you've got the best person sleeping right next to you. She'll care for you in hard times and become your right hand whenever you need support!

Apart from these beauties looking good, they also have a sense of fashion. They always wear high heels showing off their stunning long legs. They know how to combine colors and textures. Elegance runs in their bloodstream.

They love cooking. Your future wife most probably has a hand-made cooking book where she keeps the best recipes that she was taught by her grandma. Home-cooked meals are a thousand times better than the food you'll try at the restaurant. Besides, it's cooked by your wife with the love she has for you!

Traditions and cultural peculiarities of Slavic women

Slavic girl

These women value religious traditions. They know about the upcoming holidays and always prepare something traditional like food or home decoration. These canons are protected by society and followed by almost everyone. She'll show you her favorite traditions and explain to you the significance of it. She'll also be interested in your beliefs and heritage.

A lot of Slavic people believe in ghosts and magic. They sincerely believe that they can get hexed and cursed and that the only way to get rid of it is to go to a witch and ask for help. You won't want to mess with a girl like this, because she probably knows how to make those spells as well.

Younger generations always respect the elders. It's an unwritten rule that older people have more privileges than youngsters. They get free bus rides and always get to sit down. Sometimes people get unfortunate and end up alone without anyone to care for them. Nevertheless, strangers can act kindly and help with whatever they can.

What problems can you face with Slavic mail-order brides?

There can repeatedly be a language barrier. Slavic nations don't know English on a great level, and sometimes they don’t know it at all. They can only translate some phrases and know some basic tourist sayings. However, if a girl sees a prospect of her relationship with you, she'll start learning English or any of the languages you speak as soon as possible!

Some Slavic girls won't want to move to another country. Or, in some rare cases, would want to take their whole family with them. It's often problematic to date such people, as they take all of your energy and don't wish to compromise. Nonetheless, don't lose your heart and believe that your Slavic beauty is waiting for you!

American woman VS Slavic woman

In comparison to an American woman, a Slavic lady would always bring a present with her whenever she visits someone’s house. Whether it's a neighbor or a close friend, she doesn't go empty-handed. She'll consider the host’s preferences and buy a present that will be a pleasant surprise.

Slavic girls prefer to cook at home rather than order a takeaway or eat out. They do appreciate a good night out in a nice restaurant, but it'd always be better to eat a homemade meal and enjoy a peaceful evening together. Consider that they love getting help here.

Interesting facts about Slavic mail-order brides

These stunning brides are some of the most interesting ladies you can find out there! They'll fascinate you with their beauty but then will keep you with their natural charm and pure hearts!

  1. They are extremely patriotic. It's a good thing as they'll pass the culture to your children and keep the nation’s spirit alive even abroad.
  2. They are strong physically and mentally. Nothing can break them down. They were born to be warriors and know how to stand for themselves.
  3. They might seem unfriendly at first. However, once you get to know them, they're the friendliest, most fun people you meet in this life.
  4. They have a witty sense of humor. They love good sarcasm and know how to make you smile during hard times.

How to make a Slavic girl like you?

Now that you know all the reasons you should date a Slavic mail order bride, you should learn how to keep her close to you so that she doesn't lose interest! Here are some tips on what to do and not to do with a Slavic lady.

  • Be consistent. Don't leave her wondering whether you like her or not, whether you're still interested. At the same time, don't bombard her with your attention. Give her some space instead.
  • Give her flowers. Show her your appreciation and attention. Slavic brides love such courtship acts.
  • Show your enthusiasm. Don't be uncertain and don't step away from the decisions. Show her that you're ready to take action and eager to control the situation.
  • Have life goals. Be ambitious and aim high! They love men who have purpose and targets to achieve.
  • Don't be disrespectful. These girls know their worth and won't be with someone who does not see their significance.