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Why do single Romanian ladies look for a husband abroad?

The most obvious reasons are:

  • Domestic violence. Women get abused by their men in Romania and even officials are forceless and don`t take any measures. Statistics claim a big number of Romanians think domestic violence is normal. There was a case when local officials accused the victim of provoking the assaults. Can you imagine — a man attacked his wife eight times and got away with that?
  • Environmental issues. There`s a number of vulnerabilities that Romania suffer from today. The poor air, water, and soil quality as a result of inadequate waste management and a low level of society awareness make living conditions very bad. Local girls believe they deserve a better life in a place with a better environmental situation for their children.

Romanian ladies

Top facts about hot Romanian women

What are the most important facts you should know about Romanian girls?

They`re hospitable

Romanian women are great housewives and when there`s a guest at their house, they make everything possible to make them feel comfortable. Tasty food, a hearty talk, any help are guaranteed. You`ll probably try Romanian Moonshine (home-brewed ţuica) which is the country`s national drink. It`s a long-held tradition dating to medieval times, so don`t you even dare to say no.

They`re beautiful

Have you heard of Inna, a famous singer? Her super hit “Cola Song” can still be heard from various radio stations. And what about Ana Ularu, an actress? She played in several Hollywood films like Inferno and Serena. These girls are typical representatives of Romanians. Stunning, right?

Tips for dating beautiful Romanian women

Dating a Romanian girl is very different if you`re a Westerner who only had relationships with local women. To make sure you do everything right, follow the recommendations.

  • Don`t say “no” to food. When you first visit your girlfriend`s house and meet her family, remember to complement the food they`ve cooked for you and don`t refuse to eat it. It`s considered impolite and might offend the hostess. Romanian families try hard when they`re expecting guests — they clean the house, dress up, and set out the table.
  • Share your culture. Romanian women are very attracted to non-natives and are always interested to learn more about other cultures. So if you have no idea what to talk about when you`re on a first date with your girlfriend — tell her about life in your country. But don`t forget to ask about her lifestyle and the culture she lives in.
  • Don`t confuse Romanian and Russian women. Sometimes foreigners get confused because of names of nationalities and bewilder Romanians when calling them Russians. Never do that, it might offend your potential girlfriend, and she`ll hardly be interested in dating a man who doesn`t even know what country she`s from.

Romanian girls for wedding

3 male characteristics that make Romanian girls fall in love with you

If you want to find a Romanian girlfriend, first make sure you can demonstrate the following masculine traits to her.


It`s important for every Romanian woman a man has principles and stick to them. They appreciate it when a man keeps his promises and never talk to the winds. They need a man who won`t let them down. Unlike other girls from Europe who often tend to forgive men for small mistakes, Romanian women are much more principled. So, when you take a decision — follow it.


It concerns many things as the notion of “confidence” is pretty wide. Firstly, can you make eye contact? Or you hide your eyes and feel shy? Secondly, what clothes do you wear? Romanian girls are attracted to men who dress well. Thirdly, how do you make decisions? Are you indecisive and are used to shift the responsibility to someone else? It`s better if you show you can make decisions on your own. Be a leader, and she`ll fall in love with you immediately.


Women suffer from domestic violence as men disrespect them. Gender inequality is a big problem for the country. Women are badly-paid for their jobs, they`re still responsible for almost all household chores, they devote lots of time to children`s upbringing. They have to balance family and work and still fail to get any respect from their men. Thus, if you show you`re a modern man with a modern attitude to women, she`ll trust you and fall in love with you.

Romanian women

Why is marrying a Romanian woman a good idea?

Here`s what your life could be if you decide to tie the knot with a woman from Romania. She will:

  • Cook for you every day. You`ll try Sarmale (Cabbage Rolls), Mici (Grilled Minced Meat Rolls), Ciorbă de burtă (Beef Tripe Soup), Cozonac (Sweet Bread), Drob de miel (Lamb Haggis).
  • Make your home clean and cozy. Romanian girls are extremely tidy.
  • Be a super mum. Your children will never be neglected.
  • Be your good friend. Romanian women are perfect listeners. They give good advice when needed and never interfere with your personal space when they understand it`s not a good idea.

Your dream to have a happy life with a beautiful woman is just a few clicks away. Why don`t you find a good site and start getting acquainted with pretty Romanian women? They`re waiting for you.