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Men worldwide who look for sensitive and passionate spouses find a Portugal girl ideal for marriage. Would you like to prepare for a fascinating romantic story with one of these European women seeking American men? Keep reading and know more about single Portuguese ladies!

Portuguese women traits: Nature and preferences

Discover typical traits and values of a Portuguese woman and avoid mistakes other foreigners do.

Portuguese Girlfriend

Portuguese singles are modest on public

Portuguese ladies tend to be shy when it comes to dating. Some men say a Portuguese girlfriend is more reserved than women from other cultures in terms of expressing their love. Coming to Portugal, foreigners rarely notice public displays of affection or hear the words “eu amo-te” (I love you) thrown around casually. It doesn't mean that Portuguese women don't have feelings, but they leave the most valuable words only for you. Choose a beloved among Portuguese women interested in dating and uncover an ocean of emotions hidden inside your soulmate.

Single Portuguese ladies have traditional family values

The majority of Portuguese singles find dating a serious connection leading to marriage and childbirth. Although Portugal belongs to developed European countries, locals aren't into building a career. Instead, Portuguese girl for marriage is interested in meeting a foreign man, committing to him, and spending life together. Typically, Portuguese women start dating in high school and get married by the age of 25. For this lady, you're the main leader and the head of the family. Would you like to forget about career-focused ladies who underestimate guys? Meet a soulmate among Portuguese girls and share the best moments together in a home where you're always respected!

Portuguese girlfriend is positive and energetic

Portugal women seeking a man are full of energy, so you'll forget about lazy and boring activities. These hot mail order brides teach you not only to stay positive and resilient but also show you how to look at your life from another angle. It seems Portuguese girls don't have enough time to live a boring life. Foreigners fall in love with single Portuguese ladies not only for their seductive appearance but also inner energy. This spouse always cheers you up, making you forget about problems, or, at least, cope with them easily.

Portugal women

Portuguese bride seeks professional development

In Portugal, ladies devote a lot of time to their profession. These girls love what they do and do their best to complete the tasks they receive at a high level. Portuguese women make good money after college and quickly become financially stable. However, they live with their parents for a long time and move out of the house when they're going to get married. It happens because of not immaturity but willingness to save money. Dating a Portuguese woman, you should accept and respect her financial independence.

They're big coffee-lovers

Coffee breaks are essential for Portuguese ladies! After waking up in the morning, they drink coffee before work. Portuguese people also drink coffee after lunch, work, and sometimes even dinner. Thinking of an ideal date with a beloved, choose a pleasant place where she may order her favorite drink.

How do Portugal women seeking man communicate?

Portuguese girl for marriage is open to conversations with foreigners and able to talk for several hours on different topics. She speaks quickly and a bit loudly in private, rarely expressing anger or negative emotions. You'll appreciate her honesty, which allows you to be clear and direct in the relationships. As single Portuguese ladies think, a harmonious connection can be created only between sincere people whose intentions are straightforward from the very beginning.

Portuguese singles

How to marry a Portuguese woman

Men who meet Portuguese ladies should remember that these women take online dating seriously, so they aren't interested in being just a girlfriend for years. Your soulmate comes from a society where family is highly valued, and women become wives relatively early. When you start dating her, consider that marriage is her end goal.

Marriage in Portugal can contain bureaucracy in case you're a foreigner. You need to comply with various laws and provide some documents to make your union accepted in your countries. Be ready to give the following documents:

  • Proof of residence.
  • A certified birth certificate copy that was issued within the last six months.
  • Proof of the absence of obstacles issued by the consulate in Portugal or officially translated into Portuguese if issued elsewhere. This isn't required if you're a UK citizen.
  • Baptismal certificate if you're going to get married in the Roman Catholic Church.

When you don't follow the Catholic faith and want to have a civil ceremony, you should go to the Civil Registry Office in Portugal. In case of being married before, provide proof of a divorce or document ensuring that your previous partner has died.

Portuguese bride

Problems of single Portuguese ladies

On popular dating websites, men often wonder why so many young and captivating ladies from Portugal look for a soulmate overseas. The reason is clear — every day they face certain problems pushing them to seek men from abroad. What are they?

Domestic violence is the most popular factor, as more and more women there experience physical, psychological, or sexual violence. The second aspect is difficulties with finding a well-paid job. Although lots of Portuguese ladies are educated, many are reported to work in factories, while men have more chances to become lawyers and doctors. When men find a mail order bride in Portugal, they get a bride who easily adapts to changes and values love above all.

Portuguese girl for marriage is an ideal choice for every foreigner looking for a devoted and family-focused spouse. With a warm character and traditional family values, she becomes a caring and attentive wife, filling your days with positive emotions, support, and passion. To start dating a Portuguese girl, join any popular dating website where Portuguese ladies are gathered!