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Why Do Dutch Women Looking For Marriage With Foreign Men

The Netherlands is a democratic European country with a tolerant society consisting of 17 million people. It amazes tourists with wonderful seaside fishing villages, picturesque canals, and bustling modern cities. Girls from the Netherlands gain immense popularity among men seeking love overseas. Lots of foreigners would like to meet one of them and start a romantic affair, but they’re too far from them.

Luckily, you don't need to pack your bags to meet a mail order girlfriend, because online dating lets you meet these ladies online without leaving a home. Numerous girls from Holland don’t want to settle down with guys in their area, that’s why they prefer online dating websites for meeting partners from abroad. Keep reading to know more about these brides. Choose a top-rated site and start dating a Dutch woman.

Netherlands Girl

The main traits of girls from the Netherlands

Women from the Netherlands are known as direct and friendly personalities who prefer honesty and open-mindedness. Foreigners appreciate the natural beauty of these ladies. They come from a society with a modern and progressive culture where people are inclined to be open about their opinion.

Generally, Dutch brides are caring, loyal, and gentle wives who become outstanding housekeepers. Know more about girls from the Netherlands and make sure that one of them can fulfill all your fantasies.

What kind of families do Dutch ladies come from?

Dutch women looking for marriage come from traditional families and want to create their own. In the Netherlands, parents are respected, that’s why they determine the rules. Ladies are used to respecting all the relatives and discussing problems. In this society, people think that they have to let young girls and boys share their opinions even when they differ from others.

What is Netherlands girl for marriage like?

Foreigners seeking love overseas wonder what special traits Dutch ladies have. When you know them and their values, it’s easy to become an ideal partner for dating and family life. Find out the brightest Dutch women characteristics and prepare for the best affair in your life.


Women in the Netherlands are big bike-lovers. This transport is an inescapable piece of local culture, so the majority of ladies adore bikes and men with bikes. Buy a bike (fiets) and “Dutchify” it straight away. A typical bike in this land has at least 2 locks, saddlebags for shopping, 2 bells to warn traffic, baby seats mounted at both ends, and/or bakfiets (sturdy wooden compartment for travel of pianos, dogs, and children.)

Dutch Women


Dutch ladies are modest in terms of behavior and looks. Although they have nothing against being wealthy, girls rarely show their high financial status by purchasing pricey autos, gadgets, clothing, and other things. In their society, it’s a negative trait if you publicly spend large sums of money. Such a person gets the label "show off."

Additionally, local people never ask about salary or speak about their income. Consider this fact while dating a Dutch bride. If you want to impress her, instead of pricey gifts which have an impact on the cost of mail order brides, bring her on the extraordinary date or new experience.


A common Dutch motto is "doe maar gewoon", which means that one should do things practically and modestly. This reflects the Dutch women’s tendency to be pragmatic. Local ladies tend to be sensible in their reasoning and actions, rationalizing everything before proceeding with decisions.

They try to avoid limiting themselves by always searching for the right way of doing something. Thus, they often seek out new approaches in a neutral manner and are willing to consider innovative ideas. One notable example of pragmatism is with regard to finances. Dutch ladies tend to be frugal with their money through eating simple meals and avoiding overspending.


Dutch mail order brides always come on time and expect others to act the same. Dating one of them, you should always keep track of the time and be there at the agreed time. This means it isn’t too early and not too late. If you're running late, this is encouraged and considered good form. People can get harshly scolded if they’re late for no good reason.

girls from the Netherlands

What about religion?

The Netherlands has 2 main religions: Roman Catholic and Protestant. Also, there are Muslims and Buddhists. Women in this country accept men regardless of their faith if a guy doesn’t insist on sticking to his religion. Marrying a Dutch woman, you shouldn’t be afraid of quarrels and misunderstandings on this basis.

What about language?

Don’t be surprised when you notice local women speaking several languages simultaneously. Sometimes men and ladies may greet in Dutch and respond in English. Girls in the Netherlands are proficient at speaking foreign languages, so you shouldn’t worry about the language barrier.

Where to meet Dutch women?

When you’re keen on Dutch women, you may arrange a trip to the Netherlands or rely on the online dating industry. The first option requires a lot of time, energy, and finances, but your dating success isn’t guaranteed. The second one is a great alternative for love-seekers who want to get the maximum benefit with minimum effort.

Dating websites are designed for lonely men and girls looking for love from abroad. They offer a fast and simple registration, where you list your name or nickname, email, age, and password. To meet gorgeous Dutch wives for sale, pass the following steps:

  • Choose and join a popular dating website
  • Customize your account to make it attractive
  • Upgrade your status on the site (optionally)
  • Use search perks
  • Start chatting with ladies you prefer

dating a Dutch woman

To find the most compatible lady from the Netherlands, apply advanced search functions allowing to filter the whole user base. It lets to specify your search according to appearance, location, interests, and dating preferences.

What about dating a Dutch woman?

Dutch ladies follow the Western dating principles which you, probably, are used to. Sometimes they seem to be independent and strong, but in fact, they want to be treated with love and care. While local guys consider they don’t need flowers and compliments, foreigners may give all the attention these women deserve.

In this society, couples may live together before marriage if their parents don’t mind it. Dutch brides believe that a romance with a man from abroad fulfills all their fantasies. Show your admiration without flirting, don’t speak about sex on the first dates, and come on time. Take your time to make your beloved sure that you’re a serious and reliable partner for dating and family life.

Bottom line

Netherlands girl looking for marriage knows what she wants and what she can give to her husband. She’s self-confident, active, family-oriented, and intelligent. Such a spouse is a mix of the best girls’ traits foreigners have a soft spot for. Would you like to settle down with this charming woman? Join a reputable dating website, stay active online, and get in touch with the best Dutch lady in a few clicks. She's waiting for your first message!