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What are Mongolian brides like, behavior-wise?

Mongolian ladies can be some of the most stubborn women you`ll ever meet when it comes to family. Such a lady will stand her ground no matter what to support and provide for the family, making sure the husband is comfortable and the children are at ease, even if it means breaking her back for it. That`s why if you choose to marry a Mongolian woman, don`t let her shoulder this burden alone. She absolutely will try to do it herself, but provide her with the support she won`t ask for.

Is dating Mongolian girls easy?

Dating a Mongolian woman isn`t particularly easy, especially if you`re not a fan of the active lifestyle. These people are the descendants of Genghis Khan. A sedentary lifestyle doesn`t suit them, so don`t get married to a Mongol if you don`t like to move. While they`re patient, you don`t want to hold them back. However, if you do find one who is happy to move at your pace, or you`re an active man, you`re in for the time of your life. Mongolian women love to explore, so any date where you show them around your city is an instant winner in their books.

Mongolian girls

Why do beautiful Mongolian women choose to become mail order brides?

Mongol girls are stunning to look at, so it isn`t a lack of looks that`s preventing them from getting married in Mongolia. What exactly is driving them to become mail order brides?

To find beat the statistics

In Mongolia, it`s traditional for women to get married and have kids before they hit the age of 30. With an unfavorable sex ratio, it gets harder for women to find the right man within their country, so they choose to look beyond their borders.

To live in a better land

Mongolia isn`t a well-developed country. In fact, many people in Mongolia have adopted the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors while incorporating modern elements of the world like bikes and the internet. Naturally, this isn`t a life everyone`s happy with. Lots of women choose to become mail order brides as a ticket to get out of the country and settle down somewhere much more modernized.

To meet kinder men

Women in Mongolia suffer from abuse at higher rates than women in many other countries. It makes sense that many ladies would be traumatized at the thought of spending their life with someone they couldn`t trust to not hurt them. By finding a husband abroad, they`re more likely to find a man who is kinder, more open, and accepting.

Why do Westerners want pretty Mongolian girls as brides?

Mongolian girls seem more appealing to foreign men than their Western counterparts, and it`s not just because of their looks.

Mongolian lady

They adore babies

Having a baby is the dream of every Mongolian girl, even ones that are on the move. Settling down with the man of their dreams, popping out a few kids, and then raising them while the man of the house takes care of the bills is the ideal life in the eyes of many Mongolian girls. Traditional men love women with this sort of mentality, and they`ll love Mongols.

They embrace gender roles

A traditional guy suffers in the modern era because there are very few women who want to accept traditional gender roles. It has been demonized in the West, but there are still bastions in the East where females not only accept but actively embrace the gender roles they were raised with. Mongolian women like to stay at home and keep the house and raise the children while expecting the husbands to do the heavy lifting with bills and fixing things around the house. If that sounds like a good life for you, you`ll love Mongol girls.

They bring their culture wherever they go

From their yurts from the nomad ages to exciting dishes like tsuivan and Mongolian barbecues, these ladies bring a bit of their heritage everywhere they go, and it makes you seem all the more sophisticated for it. If someone offers you an airag, drink it. It`s impolite to refuse.

Why Mongolian mail order brides are the ones for you?

You won`t know if a Mongol girl is right for you right away. Falling in love with one is like falling asleep. Slowly at first, then all together at once. In the same manner, one day you`ll be talking to a Mongolian mail order bride on the dating platform nonchalantly, and one month later your heart starts aching whenever she goes offline, and you`ll have no idea how you got to this point. It`s a wonderful feeling you must indulge yourself in. A beautiful Mongolian girl could be a part of your life soon. Dare enough to take the first step?