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Dating A Japanese Woman – What You Need To Know

Millions of men around the planet are crazy about Asian women. Guys are attracted by the mysterious and enigmatic beauty of those ladies, and one can honestly agree with this because Asian women are fantastically beautiful and cute. In particular, many men want to have a lifelong relationship with Japanese brides because of numerous reasons. Girls from Japan are incredibly cute, intelligent, well-behaved, honest. The list can go on for hours – so many benefits of dating a Japanese woman a single guy can obtain. While dating a woman from Japan requires efforts, it is definitely worth the fuss!

What should you know about Japanese women?

Japanese women

Japanese girls are pretty obedient and shy

Well, it is possible to start with one of the most common facts about Japanese ladies. Indeed, a lot of Asian women that you will see will be shy and obedient to some degree. It is a national and cultural peculiarity that can be traced among women of different Asian countries. Undoubtedly, it does not mean that your bride or wife from Japan would obey your every word, fulfilling your orders regardless of what you want. But Japanese mail order brides are perfect for guys who want to find a girlfriend or a wife who would rarely disagree with them.

Japanese brides are not great at showing affection

One may think that Japanese mail order brides are emotionless and cold people who do not know how to love and be happy. Well, that is not the case. Women from Japan may have some issues with showing affection when they just start a relationship with a new man. To be honest, this is another trait of Asian culture. It is explained by the fact that Japanese women do not want to rush into anything and would rather understand whether the relationships can lead to something serious or not.

The difference between Western and Japanese cultures

Guys who want to meet and date a cute and charming Japanese bride should know that a lot about these girls are different compared to American or European ladies. In fact, Western and Asian cultures have so many differences that it is quite important to learn as much as possible about Japan before dating a local woman.

As has been mentioned above, dating in Japan is quite different than in the United States or Europe. First of all, the relationships develop slowly – you may have several dates before your woman would allow you to kiss her. Secondly, it is quite known that in the Western world, a man can approach a woman and start flirting with her. While there are girls in Japan who would appreciate such communication, it is still possible to say that the majority would not enjoy such an approach.

Lastly, while Western women can focus on career or education, Japanese culture values, and respects the concept of family. Young Japanese girls are taught about the importance of traditional family values which define that a woman should be married to a decent and respectable man. Undoubtedly, the world and society are changing, but when dealing with online dating, one can see that the majority of women who use such forms of communication have such traditional values.

Everything about the physical appearance of Japanese brides

The beauty of Japanese mail order brides is legendary. Men are ready to give up everything and move to Japan just to find and date a wonderful and elegant woman from Japan. Truly, Japanese ladies can look stunningly with almond-shaped eyes, silky and long dark hair, white skin color, and slim and even tiny figures. Japan is an incredibly stylish and modern country when it comes to fashion. Young Japanese women know how to dress fashionably.

Do Japanese women want serious relationships?


japanese girls

In short – yeah, you will find many girls from Japan who are looking to start affectionate and lifelong relations with a decent man. Everything relies on your goals and preferences. Online dating is a powerful tool that will allow you to select girls based on what you want. If you are seeking a date with a gorgeous girl who is ready for commitment, you will be able to do that. There are also websites where you can find casual and short-term relationships, but Japanese mail order brides rarely use them.

It has been stated that Japanese women are taught traditional family values, which makes them so popular among Western men. That is correct as living in a country with patriarchal order, Japanese girls see the importance of family and close family ties. Moreover, Japanese young women usually live with their parents up until marriage, which is why getting married is a sort of escape from the parental house. However, rest assured that girls from Japan would never use marriage as a tool to merely escape from their parents.

How to show affection to a Japanese mail-order bride?

It's quite challenging to figure out how to show affection to Japanese mail order brides. While online communication excludes physical contact, it is still important to realize what to do to show your lady that you like her.

First of all, you need to listen to your date carefully. Do everything possible to show that you are interested in her life, family, and background. It is important to note that nonverbal communication, such as gestures, body language, and other cues are highly popular in Japanese culture. Although it might be challenging, you have to notice those clues that your date may send you. A lot of guys say that it is incredibly difficult to figure out if their Japanese girlfriends and wives are mad or upset. Thus, to be affectionate, you may rely on body language and gestures as these are quite common in Japan and Asia in general.

What expectations do Japanese women have of Western men?

women from Japan

Many of you may already understand that communication and relationships with a Japanese mail order bride require some knowledge and understanding. Learn about the expectations of Japanese women toward their dates. It's always a good idea to know what your date expects from you!

  • She expects you to be a gentleman. What does it mean? Well, you will have to be exceptionally polite and kind. You have to pay for everything – even if it is online communication, you will be expected to cover anything that might come up. Be attentive but subtle – remember that showing affection should not occur straightforwardly!
  • Get ready to receive gifts. This is a common practice in Japan when women give gifts to their dates. If your online dating website has such features, you can be sure that you will receive a gift in the nearest future. Do not feel weird about that, better show your gratitude!

How to communicate with your wonderful Japanese girlfriend?

What you have to learn right away about communication with Japanese women is the fact that the Japanese language is more polite than English. People from Japan are incredibly polite when communicating with each other, which is why you will notice how polite and attentive your date will be. You will be expected to be incredibly attentive and amiable.

You should also think about learning Japanese to prevent possible miscommunications. Most online dating websites have translators that will help you avoid misunderstandings and language barriers. If you see that your date does not understand you or her words make no sense to you, it would be a great idea to ask translators for help.

Hence, now you are a master of Japanese online dating! You know everything that a man who wants to meet and date a cute and charming girl from Japan should know. Just remember that Japanese culture significantly differs from American or European cultures. If you want to succeed in your journey to find Japanese love, you will have to adapt. Learn facts about Japanese culture and try learning the most common words in Japanese. Also, remember to be attentive, polite, gentle, and kind. Japanese women do not like dating rude and offensive guys!