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Reasons to find a single Jamaican girl for marriage

Latin American beauties are among the most desired. Jamaican girls aren't an exception. Men want to date them. But why? What is so special about them?

They're gorgeous

‌And this fact isn't just something subjective. A great number of Jamaican women are acknowledged and honored leaders in various beauty contests. Moreover, 4 of them won in Big Four — the most important international beauty pageants in the world. For example, Lisa Hanna was Miss World. Only a few countries succeeded more — India, Venezuela, the United Kingdom.

Jamaican girl

They're enterprising

‌Jamaican girls might be compared with Colombian women for marriage by how industrious and active they are. A few facts to prove that. More than 50% of supervisors are female in Jamaica. Their experiences are outstanding — there's a great number of female businesses. They have a big impact on the whole business in the country.

They're winners

‌Jamaican women were first in many things. Chose a female Prime Minister, won numerous sports competitions, initiated many projects approved by the whole world. Jamaicans are in general very active and always do their best no matter what it's all about — relationships, job, friendship, or whatnot.

What is it like to date Jamaican singles?

‌Let's see whether dating women from Jamaica differs from dating your local girls.

  • You'll have to wait for her. Being on time isn't a custom on the island. People don't hurry and being late is always fine, no one is going to judge you for that. Moreover, coming earlier than planned is what considered rude. So brace yourself with patience. You might wait for her for about 15-30 minutes on average.
  • You'll be always treated with the most delicious food. Jamaican women have exceptional cooking skills. They're known for them all around the world. Jamaican cuisine was influenced a lot by America, France, Spain, and even China. So you'll be lucky to try something like curry goat (by the way, goats are wandering all around the streets on the island), jerked meat, brown stew chicken, and many more.
  • You'll have no household worries. Men are usually regarded as the head of the family. They provide and make the most crucial decisions. It's similar in Jamaica except for the fact it's a woman who runs the household. For example, she'll be the one to take care of the bills to be paid on time. She'll always make sure your home is cozy and comfortable.

Jamaican online dating

Tips for Jamaican online and on offline dating

‌Before you find a mail order bride, learn a few recommendations and follow them to succeed in your relationships with women from Jamaica.

  • Dance more. Jamaican women love music and dancing. Probably everyone knows the island for reggae music. But there's so much more! By the way, Jamaica makes the most music per capita. And the way locals dance to it all is marvelous. They love partying and fun. So it's great if you join or ask her out to spend a night dancing.
  • Support her in her beliefs. Jamaicans are well-known church members. They go to it regularly and believe it's an important part of life. However, their services are very different from what people usually imagine — they sing, dance, and laugh. They thank God and the Universe for what they have. Locals are, in general, very grateful people.
  • Get on well with her family. Parents are the most important people in the life of every Jamaican woman. Girls are incredibly respectful and grateful to their families. Their opinions are always taken into consideration. If they don't like a guy, she'll probably believe you're not that good for her. So make sure you make a positive impression.

Jamaican woman

What you should never do when dating single Jamaican women

‌Here are the taboos or things you'd better avoid:

  • Don't do all the talking. Jamaican women love chatting with men, they always have what to say and have their own opinion. Usually, it's a real joy to talk to one of the local beauties.
  • Don't avoid eye contact. Jamaicans prefer when people look in their eyes. If you don't do that while talking to a girl, she might consider it suspicious.
  • Don't hurry her up. “Come soon” is the most popular phrase on the islands, and you never know how soon it means — 10 minutes or an hour.
  • Don't act superior. Jamaican women are mature and confident, they know what they're worth. They'll never date a man who thinks he's better, smarter, richer, etc.
  • Don't forget about giving compliments. Or calling her sweet names. And remember one word — “Boonoonoonoos”. It's used to express love. Direct translation — “special person”. Girls love to be called this way.

‌Jamaican girlfriends seem impossible to resist. Smart, pretty, fun, and hard-working. One of them will certainly make you go crazy. She might wait for you online right now. Will you give it a shot?