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3 truths about beautiful Italian women

There are 3 main benefits of dating Italian girls. No men can resist.


You`ve probably seen some Italian or Hollywood movies with scenes where Italians talk, argue, make love, dance, or whatever else they do, they always do that expressively and passionately. Monica Bellucci is the best proof for that.


Italian women were voted as one of the best world lovers. No wonder. They radiate sex and passion. It`s burning in them. It`s their nature. Agree?

Italian women

Stunningly beautiful

Just think about Sophia Loren, Anita Pallenberg, or Ornella Muti. The women are perfect examples of typical Italian female appearance — deep hazel eyes, smooth dark skin, curvaceous body, sexy look. What men would deny these ladies are perfect goddesses?

Why do single Italian women look for foreign husbands?

Italian women are beautiful, smart, and friendly, but a lot of them still feel uncomfortable in their own country because of different reasons.

  • Gender inequality. For example, about 62% of Italian women`s work each day is unpaid. Also, sexual violence is still widely-spread in the country. Police have to handle thousands of cases every year. About half of the Italian female population has experienced sexual harassment.
  • Intelligence gap. Women in Italia are much more likely to go to the theater, read a book, visit a museum or gallery, or create online content, etc. than Italian men. There are more female graduates in Italy too. The girls are more intelligent, have better social skills. They need a man who would be more like them.

Facts to know about sexy Italian women

Before you start dating an Italian girl, you must know the following:

  • Their mothers want to be aware of everything. As a matter of fact, Italian girls, their mothers, and grandmothers are very close. They share secrets and tell each other almost everything. Don`t be surprised when your girl decides to call her mom to share the latest news.
  • Their fathers are protective. Not only fathers but all male family members like grandfathers, uncles, brothers want to make sure their girls are safe and sound. There`s even a joke that fathers think their daughter shouldn`t have any relationship with a man until they`re 30.
  • Their appetite is very good. Really, if your ex-girlfriend ate like a bird it doesn`t mean your Italian girl will be the same. Italy is the country of the tastiest pizza, pasta, and ice cream. Who would refuse to try it all and eat up every bit? Nevertheless, their bodies are still fit as they do a lot of sport.
  • Their expectations are pretty high. It concerns their romantic relationships with a man. Girls expect men to do all the chasing! In their minds, it`s up to you to ask for their number and pick them up for the date. Italian girls expect chivalry.

Top facts about Italian singles

Here`s what you probably didn`t know about Italian women.

Italian lady

Being on time

Truly, punctuality is appreciated. But being 15 minutes late for a date is totally okay for all Italians. So play it cool if she`s late. She was probably busy with makeup and dressing up. But the result is worth it, right?


Fidanzato literally means “betrothed”. When your Italian girlfriend starts calling you that way, it means things are getting serious. But do you know what is the sign your relationship is at the turning point? When you decide to meet her parents. It`s a big occasion, be serious about that.


Italians have a specific sense of humor. And they don`t really get a British way of making jokes. So, be cautious when you want to break the ice and tell a joke starting with “three nuns walked into a bar...”. She might get it as something weird.


Yes, all girls love presents and your Italian lady will be deliriously happy when getting something from you. But remember about a few pitfalls — never give an even number of flowers, it`s a bad superstition. Also, they shouldn`t be yellow. In the USA and UK yellow is a symbol of friendship, but in Italy, it`s a symbol of jealousy.

Italian girl

Meet an Italian girl and change your life

Yes, your life will probably change to some extent. What way?

  • You`ll date not only her but all her family. So you`d better get on well with your Italian girl`s parents and siblings. You might be a perfect guy, but if this doesn`t work — she won`t be with you.
  • You`ll have lots of family dinners. It`s an important everyday tradition in Italy. The whole family gathers together and discusses different stuff that happened to them during the day. But no talk about business!
  • Get used to her hair. Everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Italians are hairy, just accept that fact and don`t get nervous when you find her hair in your car.
  • Get used to her loud voice. Yes, the Italians are passionate about what they`re talking about. Don`t make her feel bad about that.
  • You`ll always be showered with little gifts and surprises as Italian girls are lovers. And they express love in many nice ways.

See, your life will never be the same. It`ll change for the better. Go looking for your Italian woman!