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Top facts about Indonesian girls for dating

‌Here's what you should know about Indonesian women looking for men.

They're polite and courteous

These are the most common characteristics for all people living in Indonesia. They never argue or fight in public, never talk behind somebody's back, and never want to make somebody feel bad because of them. It's considered extremely rude. They prefer to avoid it all. That's why their languages (there are many of them in the country) are filled with vagueness. The locals prefer to politely discuss any subject.

They're close with families

No matter how young, old, rich, poor, or independent any Indonesian is, they'll always have very tight relationships within a family. Children go on living with their parents even when they're mature enough to move house. It's a part of their culture that was historically determined. People had to unite and stay close to survive. That's one of the main reasons why you should think of dating Indonesian girls — they're faithful and do their best not to let their families down.

Indonesian girls

They're religious

Almost 90% of the population in Indonesia are Muslims. However, there are many other beliefs locals follow and no one judges them for it. Anyway, regardless of what their religion is, Indonesians tend to be generally spiritual. You probably saw or heard about daily offerings in Bali — locals place flowers everywhere every morning — in front of shops and homes, on top of statues, at the foot of temples.

Why do Indonesian beauties look for a foreign partner?

‌Indonesian girls have always been one of the best Asian women to marry. They have a lot to offer. But why do they choose Western men as partners? Let's see.

They're made to marry young

Indonesia has the eighth-highest number of child marriages in the world, with 1 in 9 women married before they turned 18 years old. Girls do everything possible to avoid marrying men they don't know. They don't want to lose their chance to live a normal life with a man they'll have mutual feelings with. Indonesian women also want to make sure their daughters won't have to come through similar fears.

They suffer from domestic violence

Unfortunately, domestic abuse is still one of the biggest and most acute issues in Indonesia. Moreover, the situation is only getting worse today. Women can't feel safe even in their own homes. Sexual exploitation, economic pressures, increased confinement are what thousands of girls have to suffer from every day. Western countries and Western men, being much more advanced at the question of equality, seem to girls as a great way out to live a life full of love, not fears, tears, and bruises.

Indonesian ladies

Tips for dating single Indonesian ladies

‌What should you do after you find a pretty Indonesian girl on one of the reputable mail order bride sites? See the list below.

  • Repeat your questions. Indonesian girls are timid and soft-spoken. It's conditioned by society — both women and men aren't expected to raise voice or to express resentment. That's why it's not uncommon when she might say nothing when in fact she doesn't like or doesn't want something. Always double-check. It's never a bad idea to make sure you got her right.
  • Mind her superstitions. Yes, Indonesian are super superstitious. Rituals, symbols, charms are a part of their culture. Here are a few things you'd better avoid doing or at least let your girl do whatever she considers right it all with no judgment. Avoid eating from the corner of a table. Avoid sewing a button on your shirt while wearing it. Avoid combing your hair while walking. And many more things to avoid, or otherwise something bad is going to happen.
  • Be helpful. Unfortunately, local men aren't accustomed to helping their women with household duties. They never cook, never clean, and never help children with homework. It's all considered women's responsibilities. However, women don't agree with that anymore. What they believe in is equality, fairness, and mutual support. That's why they're looking for a foreigner to date as they know their attitude to relationships is much more advanced.

Indonesian girls for dating

Life with a beautiful Indonesian woman

‌What's waiting for you in your relationships with a beauty from Indonesia? Is your life going to change a lot?

  • You'll try many new extremely delicious dishes. Rice, maize, groundnut, soybean, and sweet potato are number one of the crops. Their cuisine is spicy and salty. The most popular dishes — satay (meat skewers), bakso (meatball noodle soup), nasi goreng (Asian fried rice with soy sauce).
  • You'll have more reasons for celebrations. Because it seems like Indonesians celebrate everything — pregnancy, the first step of a baby, graduation, and all big and small milestones in a person's life.
  • You'll have your vacations in Bali. Who isn't dreaming of it? Great weather all year round, magnificent nature, friendly people, affordable prices. Your future Indonesian girl was born in paradise for tourists. Why don't you spend more time with her in the place she comes from?

‌It's not a big deal to meet Indonesian women today. Lots of them go online to find a man like you. However, it'll take time and effort to attract her and make her trust you. Be patient and initiative. Prove you're a reliable man, and she won't resist it. And let your love adventure begin. Ready to try?