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Religion, language, even festivals can be so various that the only thing they have in common is their country. Learn what makes single women from India different from other girls, and how to get in their good graces before you embark on your journey to bring one home and make your own.

What`s the appeal of Indian brides?

The ladies of India are some of the most hospitable in the world. They bend over backwards to make their guests comfortable and consider their husbands to be the most precious thing on the planet. Single women in India are never in shortage, and they`re among the most exotic looking females in the world. Depending on where your Indian bride is from, her looks can vary a lot. Take a look at the differences.

Indian brides

Northern girls

Found a mail order bride from the hilly regions of the North? These women have lighter skin tones, are usually slimmer, and have facial features similar to that of their Asian mail order brides counterparts. That means smaller eyes, a pudgier nose, and sometimes freckles.

Southern girls

Usually, women from the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka have shorter stature, tanned skin, and are much curvier. They have wider eyes and long, sleek hair. They share some of these features with Philippines girls for marriage who sometimes look much like them.

What do Indian mail order brides enjoy?

Indian girls prefer many entertainments other girls love like movies, food, and exercise. But what are the specifics of it?

Indian food

Doesn`t matter if they don`t like anything else about the country, an Indian girl will always miss traditional food. No cuisine can quite match the spice and burn of Indian dishes, especially in Western countries. You want to get in her good graces? Find an authentic Indian restaurant in your city, and take her there on a surprise date. She`ll end up begging you to take her there every other week, but she`ll love you all the more for it.


Depending on where your bride is from, there are many festivals she`d love to celebrate. In the North, Holi and Diwali are some of the most popular and lively ones. Holi is exciting as it is a festival of colors. Folks throw colored powder and water on each other, so make sure you`re far away from the clean walls of your house. Diwali is calmer but still important. It signifies the victory of the forces of light over darkness and is celebrated by lighting hundreds of lamps all around the house. It`s a 5-day festival and involves lots of tasty Indian sweets.

Indian Festivals

If your bride is from the South, she`ll celebrate Onam. This festival lasts for 11 days, and over the course of these days, she`ll lay a carpet of flowers in intricate designs, each day bigger than the last.

The dates of Indian festivals can vary because they`re based on the lunar calendar. Whatever the case, Indians are often happy to celebrate all of them, even if they`re not from that specific region. It gives you the chance to try out all sorts of Indian delicacies too.


Yoga is one of the cores of Indian households. Many folks begin their day with breathing and stretching exercises. Everyone loves a flexible wife, right? These healthy habits lead to real Indian brides being calm, collected, and focused on the important things in life. Sharing those intimate moments with your wife would only strengthen the bond you have. Taking classes together is always a good idea, but once you`ve got the hang of it, practice at home! She`ll see you as a cultured man when you commit to the exercise.

Where can you buy an Indian wife?

You cannot purchase a wife of any nationality! You can only pay for a service that`ll connect you with desired women. If these ladies reciprocate your feelings, you can then choose to get married. Ergo, you`re not purchasing a person, you`re purchasing a service to connect to hopeless romantics.

Indian wife

Your best bet to meet Indian singles is through legit mail order brides sites. They`re well established, have lots of users, and give you a sense of security since so many other people have found the love there.


Is a mail order Indian bride the right choice?

There`s no shortage of Indian women looking for marriage with foreign men. Indian women are as diverse as they come, but if the few short bits of info you`ve read so far appeals to you, you might find your dream girl living in some city in India. Do you have what it takes to find her? Take the first step by signing up for a mail-order bride service, and maybe your love life will change soon.