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Although you might be scared of such independent personalities, you can’t ignore them anymore. Below, you’ll find an explanation of why you should consider marrying an Icelandic girl.

How Iceland women for marriage win all men’s hearts

If you’re searching for mail order girlfriends, you won’t find more attractive ladies than Scandinavians are. Icelandic females are excellent examples of Nordic appearance.

Iceland Girl For Marriage

Iceland brides are pretty

There’re more natural blondes in this country than elsewhere. So, in case you like girls with fair hair, Iceland will be heaven for you. Moreover, these angels have eyes blue as the ocean and tender as flower lips.

No doubt that you can meet Iceland mail order brides with red hair and brown eyes, and they’ll also look adorable. Every girl radiates confidence in her beauty, and that’s why local females are so attractive to foreign guys. These women are proud of their unique appearance. Icelandic girls don’t try to show that they’re the prettiest because they simply don’t need it.

Physical appearance

These women are rather tall, but it’s hard to say that they’re skinny. They’re strong physically, while their bodies are fit. If you like girls with long legs, Icelandic brides are the variant for you.

Makeup and dressing

Girls from Iceland don’t waste money on clothes and makeup products. They don’t strive to impress anyone because they already have everything to win all hearts. A beautiful smile and sincere eyes make guys’ hearts melt and choose Iceland girls for marriage.

single Icelandic ladies

Stereotypes about Iceland women searching for marriage

Men searching for a European girl for marriage often don’t pay attention to Icelandic women because of several myths surrounding them. Here’re the most common ones:

Single Icelandic ladies don’t speak English

Actually, it’s not true. English is widely spoken and taught in this country. If you ever visit Iceland, you won’t face any inconvenience while communicating with people, especially in tourist destinations. Although you can notice their Icelandic accent, you’ll quickly get used to it.

Icelandic brides are ready to marry anyone

Since Iceland is known for equal rights, females simply enjoy broad opportunities in all life spheres. They don’t need a man just to support them financially or encourage them. These ladies are independent, strong personalities, and they strive to find a guy who would become their one and only. Moreover, if a local girl agrees to go on a date with you, it doesn’t mean that she imagines your wedding and family life. Iceland women consider marriage as a partnership between two people understanding and respecting each other.

Women from Iceland are cold

These ladies often seem to be detached, which often confuses men. However, you don’t have to think that your girlfriend doesn’t have feelings for you. She needs some time to get to know you and open her heart.

Icelandic girl

How Iceland girl for marriage makes a good wife

A family is just another part of her life, so it’s hard to say that a local female will totally focus on her kids and man. However, marrying an Icelandic woman is a good choice due to the following reasons:

Ladies from Iceland find a perfect balance

You’ve probably already understood that a girl from this country tries to achieve all the goals set. Both her family and job are important for her, and she won’t choose between these spheres. She can be a mother, a valuable worker, a housewife, and even a warrior at a time. Iceland brides for marriage are good at switching between building their careers, raising kids, and doing chores. But if your wife has a really tight schedule, she’ll ask you to help her with the house.

Iceland girls for marriage are loyal

They believe that relationships are built on trust, respect, and understanding. You’ll have a peaceful life with a woman from Iceland because she’ll accept your every decision. Even if you take a wrong step, she’ll try to figure out what intentions you had. She’ll help you fix the situation by supporting you and giving wise advice.

They instill the right values in their kids

If you want to have a wife who would protect your kids like a tigress, find an Iceland girl to marry. She’ll do anything for her baby. From an early age, Icelandic ladies teach kids to protect themselves, count on themselves, respect others, and never give up. Women explain that children shouldn’t be afraid of accepting challenges, even if the path seems to be too difficult.

Iceland brides

Why Iceland women for marriage are looking for foreign husbands

You’ll meet many ladies from this country on the best mail order bride sites. But why do they want to find men from abroad? Even though Iceland is a perfect place for living due to gender equality and economic situation, it’s relatively small. Unfortunately, many women fail to meet their soulmates among local men. That’s why you can enjoy an Iceland girl dating as an outlander.

Another reason why they search for partners among foreigners is their adventurous souls. They strive to meet new people and explore what kind of world waits for them outside their native country. So, Iceland brides decide to find men from abroad who would fill their lives with new experiences.

How to court single Icelandic ladies

You don’t have to be a love guru to make a local girl yours. However, you’ll need to follow these tips to succeed in Iceland girl dating:

  • Don’t lie to your girlfriend. She expects her man to be honest, so don’t disappoint her, even if you want to exaggerate your achievements to attract her. She’s smart enough to identify your lies.
  • Wait with intimacy. Dating an Icelandic girl, you should forget about sex on a first or even a third date. You’ll only scare her away by insisting on intimacy. Focus on deepening the connection between you two.
  • Get acquainted with her friends and family. The perspective to dive into her environment shouldn’t stress you out. On the contrary, benefit from such an occasion because the closest people can tell you about beautiful Icelandic women more than you’d find out on your own.
  • Show your positive attitude. Of course, local women are supportive, but they aren’t ready to cheer you up all the time. Demonstrate that you don’t focus on troubles and accept difficulties with humor. Iceland women are dating only confident and optimistic guys.

Iceland brides

How does dating and marrying an Icelandic girl look like?

As you can see, local ladies differ from other European females. If you want to marry Icelandic women, you should be aware of the peculiarities of relationships with them.


Foreign guys dating Icelandic ladies notice how liberated they’re. Although they seem reserved sometimes, local girls can freely express their feelings when they love somebody. Women don’t mind making the first move, so they often meet men in pubs and through dating websites.

However, in case a girl from Iceland has taken the initiative, it doesn’t mean that she wants to be the leader in your relationship. She strives to feel special and loved just like any other woman.


Once you’ve found an Iceland girl for marriage, your union will last forever. She doesn’t belong to the sort of ladies who get upset and leave their husbands because of silly things. Moreover, a woman from this country doesn’t concentrate on what you’ve said and how you’ve said it. Your spouse will give you some time to think and cool down because she understands that she also might get angry and say something impulsively.

There are many advantages to marrying an Icelandic woman. She’s a loyal partner respecting the needs of her husband and clearly understanding him. If you share equality values of partnership and mutual respect, find Icelandic ladies online for serious relationships.