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Why European Girls Wanna Marry A Foreigner?

Europe has always been known as an Old World. It has an immense history and broad culture. Lots of European countries have colonized other lands and brought them prosperity and new knowledge. Apart from that, it's still a mystery for many people how Europeans stay so fascinating and appealing.

European women

First of all, European ladies are open-minded about other cultures. They love getting to know you and share mutual experiences together. They don't have any prejudices about other races or nations as they practically love everyone. Equality and cordiality are the two aspects that build Europe as such.

These girls might want to marry Western men because they're simply tired of their own lads. They don't see any prospects in dating someone from their country. They wish to find men who will captivate their hearts and minds. Someone who will bring bright colors to their routine. Besides, Western men have the class others surely don’t.

There are countries in Europe that aren't as developed, so women are looking for someone who can take them away. They want to move somewhere nicer. A place where they can discover new possibilities and build their careers for example. Moreover, the Western way of life is slightly different from the Europeans, so they hold onto that thought as well.

European girls are so diverse you may never know what they like and what they don’t. These ladies can easily prefer your culture and think that they've been born in the wrong place. They're looking for husbands that can understand their peculiarities and accept them for who they're. Very often, women aren't being taken seriously or need some change.

Why western men choose European brides?

gorgeous European girl

A lot of men would like to see an independent lady next to them. And that is exactly the European type! These girls have their own life that they value as much as their relationships. Your future bride won't be too clingy or overly obsessed about you. She'll love you wholeheartedly, but you'll certainly have time to keep your hobbies going!

European mail order brides make their own money. They're raised to be financially stable and independent from their families and husbands. They don't rely on others to push them in any direction. They decide what they want to do and how they want to lead their professional life. Moreover, it's a wonderful thing when your wife can also bring money home and contribute to the shared budget.

They are more liberal in kids' upbringing. They don't have a set of planned factors they want to happen when their children will be going to school or college. They let their kids decide what they're more interested in and have opinions of their own. You can discuss with your wife various aspects on the ways you would want your child to grow up in. Whether it is something to be with religion, society, social class, etc.

European beauties are fashionable. There's no doubt you know about the European Fashion Weeks and that some countries have fashion capital cities! Dressing up nicely is a big deal for ladies! Western men can find themselves a woman who can match their style and sense of fashion. However, there are also girls who don't pay much attention to their outfits, but still look good. It's probably in their genes!

Food culture is different for Europeans. They have these amazing diets that combine meat, seafood, and lots of vegetables. Your mail-order bride will be making you delicious dishes that can match the level of the Michelin star restaurant! Burgers and fast food are still very popular all around the world, but those home-cooked meals make you feel like a proper gourmet.

European girls are sporty. They love different activities and can be quite competitive. Moreover, social sports groups are very popular in Europe, where strangers get together and do running, cycling, paddling, etc. Being sporty means having good stamina and sexy body shape. It attracts people from everywhere, but especially Western men!

Traditions of European women

European brides

European girls love going out with friends for a glass of wine or beer. They do it on a weekly basis, and there doesn’t have to be any special occasions for that. They just chat and catch up on the newest events that have been going on. Bars are always full, but no one is completely drunk. They consume alcohol in moderate amounts. Moreover, having a glass of nice wine for dinner is a sacred ritual for some nations.

These ladies love traveling! Your mail-order bride has probably traveled a lot and visited most of the fellow European countries. Europe isn't as big as the United States, for example, and they have special prices for low-cost flights. They can easily pack a small bag and go for a weekend getaway in Paris or London.

European women know a few languages at the same time. They can be of a mixed descendent and be bilingual or even trilingual. It's a common occurrence that people study different languages for their work or personal goals. Also, you can find ladies who speak some exotic languages like Chinese or Japanese.

What problems can you face with European mail order brides?

Your future wife can easily ask you to move to her country. She might not be willing to relocate due to her personal or professional reasons. Although Europeans change their work quite often, they still care about their reputation and the progress they've already made there.

European mail order brides can be demanding. They want full respect for their persona and can change their mind because of the tiniest things. They don't cope well with lies and secrets. Everything has to be out in the open.

They might not be trusting you at first. It happens a lot because lots of European men cheat and lie to their significant others. Loyalty is priceless for these ladies. They don't expect you to be the best husbands in the world, but they want to be sure of their relationships and the safety of their hearts!

American (Western) woman VS European woman

European lady

European girls don't hurry up with marriage. They see this step as a very serious action. Once they are married to someone, it's for life. Divorce is the final thing they'll do. If you encounter some challenges in your marriage, you'll first see a professional and then decide together what to do.

They're healthy and sporty. In comparison to American women, Europeans look more presentable and always take care of their bodies. They do various sports and eat clean. It isn't always that they go to the gym, they also love doing open-air activities.

European mail order brides are restrained rather than overly sociable. They don't invade each other's privacy and personal space without any valuable reason. It doesn’t mean that they aren't talkative, they just prefer to keep their friends circle close and clean. Moreover, they try to keep embarrassment out of their life.

Stunning European women always dress to impress. Their exquisite style has no kinship. They don't wear casual clothes every day. They rather go for something chic or business casual. Sweats and sports clothes are for special activities and maybe home wearing.

Interesting facts about European mail-order brides

Here are some unseen things you might have never known about these wonderful prospective wives. Buckle up, as it'll make you feel butterflies in your stomach! These ladies are special in their own charming way.

  1. They are very straightforward. They don't beat around and say it as it is. If your lady doesn’t like something, you'll be informed immediately.
  2. They don't care about the age difference. Whether you are older or younger than her, if you like each other, that’s enough!
  3. They are confident in their bodies. No matter whether they're in good shape or not. They value their personalities more than their physique.
  4. They're open-minded about sex. Liberal views on partners and all the things coming with intimacy are the key ingredients to a happy life.

How to make a European girl like you?

Follow these unspoken rules if you want to get yourself a desired mail order bride! The girl of your dreams might be waiting for you across the ocean, but it might keep a little effort to make her get really interested in you!

  • Be kind and polite. Don't be rude when talking about various topics. Respect her opinion and her morals.
  • Know your boundaries. Don't force her to do anything. These ladies are free-spirited and they don't take it nicely.
  • Be funny. Crack jokes and make her smile that her cheeks hurt. European girls love a good sense of humor.
  • Ask her open questions. Listen to what she has to say and take notes. Maybe she can even drop hints on her favorite things to do or see.
  • Talk to her about your personal goals. They like men with ambitions and aims. Show her that you have something planned for your future.
  • Give her compliments. Tell her nice things about her appearance, but also don't forget to mention her inner being. Complimenting personality traits hits women on another level!