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What are Cambodian ladies like?

‌It seems like all Asian ladies for marriage are exceptionally beautiful. Their physical features attract Western men because of the exoticism and newness. But what's special about single Cambodian women?


Women are always expected to behave respectfully in society, towards a husband, parents, family. There are lots of principles they should follow and never break them. Inappropriate behavior is frowned upon. There are even special customary norms collected in a book called The Chbab Srey. It's a poem where a mother teaches her young daughter how to talk with a man and how to respect him, how to be well-mannered and speak softly, and many more.

Cambodian ladies


Cambodian women are taught to take care of the household from childhood. They clean, wash, do the ironing, cook, raise children, do the gardening, and many more. Girls aren't white hands and are never afraid of hard work. They do what they're expected to do, though they don't mind a husband's help. Speaking of which. Many women have full-time jobs too. Often they work together side by side with their husbands in country's numerous construction sites but get paid less for doing the same job.


It seems like there's no other nation crazier about all romantic gestures than Cambodians. First, they're fans of all love-related attributes — records of romantic songs, romantic videos and films, heart emojis, gigantic teddy bears. Second, showing affection. Your girl will make mushy posts on Instagram, hold your hand in public, give you the cutest gifts, take lots of couples selfies. Be ready.

Why are beautiful Cambodian girls look for foreign boyfriends?

‌There are several pretty obvious reasons to hunt for a foreigner to date.


It's true that the country has succeeded in exceptional growth inlowering poverty. However, there are lots of women who still live under the poverty line struggling to make the ends meet. Even work full-time jobs they get paid extremely low. The pay gap is a great problem in the country. Women seek more opportunities for a better life.

Cambodian girls


Thousands of Cambodian girls experience physical and psychological domestic violence every day. The statistics are horrifying — over 30% of men in Cambodia reported perpetrating physical and/or sexual violence against an intimate partner in their lifetime. 1 in 5 men reported raping a woman or girl — this is one of the highest recorded rates in the Asia-Pacific region. Women want to avoid it. They look for men from a Western culture who know what equality and respect in relationships are.

Tips for online dating in Cambodia

‌You've probably heard about mail order bride scams. Are there any ways to fight it? How to date Cambodian girls online safely? Here are some recommendations that might be helpful:

  • Use only reputable sites. There are hundreds of dating platforms out there today. Some of them are premium and have great services. Some are cheap or free and have a dubious reputation. Never go for the last category. As they say — buy nice or buy twice. But how to tell the difference between a good and a bad platform?
  • Read the reviews. They usually contain all the necessary information about features, prices, account database, customer support, and much more. The dating platforms are observed and analyzed by professionals and experts in online dating. Their opinion is unbiased and fair.
  • Go for free trials. You lose nothing, but gain your own experience and can make your own conclusions. The majority of sites have free registration, profile viewing, and search. So it's a great opportunity to see everything with your own eyes and tell if you really like the platform and want to use it.

Cambodia online dating

More tips for dating Cambodian ladies

‌Here's what every foreigner should do when he finds a Cambodian woman and starts dating her:

  • Mind your gestures. Cambodia is a country with a completely different culture, and what's considered normal in yours would be absolutely inappropriate in theirs. For example, showing a thumb up is rude (a sexual gesture). Showing irritation and anger isn't acceptable — locals are humble people and never want to lose their face. And, also, never point your finger at somebody.
  • Don't refuse food. Cambodian women are feeders by their nature. It's just impossible to leave their home hungry. They'll treat you with lots of local dishes like crab and pepper, Khmer curry, pork and rice, green mango salad, and whatnot. Try to taste everything she offers. Refusing food is usually considered impolite, and your girl might get offended.
  • Make a good impression on her family. Family will always come first for every Cambodian woman. It means if your relationship develops quickly and seriously, it won't take her long to introduce you to her parents and relatives. And if they like you, they'll love you with all their hearts. But if they don't approve of you, your pretty lady will have second thoughts as their opinion is very important.

‌All that Cambodian girls for marriage want is just to be happy in an equal relationship full of love and support. They know how to take care of men and make them feel good. And they want to have the same. Will you try to make one of the girls happy? They're waiting for a guy like you online right now.