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Dating Site VS Mail order bride

Posted 2021-03-04
3 min read
Dating site vs Mail order bride

Let's define a mail order bride first. This is basically a woman from a foreign country that has a profile on the relevant website and aims at finding a husband. For example, this can be a Slavic girl looking for an American man. So, mail order bride vs dating sites: which is better?

Are mail order bride websites better and why?

The first and the main difference between mail order bride and dating websites is that the latter are made mostly for younger people to have fun. Very rarely, such dates end up with a marriage and "happily ever after". But what else does make the difference?

Mail order bride woman

Mail order brides are looking for marriage

Most dating websites are created for those who don't necessarily seek serious relationships. Many guys and ladies there just want to meet new people, hang out together, and maybe date without any long-term commitment. Mail order bride websites are different. People (usually, young ladies and older men) register there to find a soulmate, to get married, and move to a husband's country.

Mail order brides make better wives

Since hot mail order brides are looking for a lifelong commitment and marriage, they literally prepare themselves for this. Women try their best to become pros at cooking, householding, even some crafts. Many mail order brides try to learn English to avoid communication issues with their future husbands. Moreover, ladies there want kids in the future, so that they try to learn as much as they can to raise them properly.

Most of the profiles are verified and real

While anyone can register on a dating website or download a dating app, mail order bride websites take it more seriously. Since men there are looking for a spouse, they need to be sure they're talking to real women with serious intentions. That's why most of mail order bride websites require ID and email verification, and each profile undergoes a special check, so you don't provide fake information and pictures. On a dating website, you can meet various fake and weird profiles that don't seem to be checked at all.

Mail order bride lady

Mail order bride websites boost your confidence

When you're a man at your 40s and you've had some unpleasant relationship experiences, you're likely to lose confidence and belief you'll eventually find the love of your life. That's what mail order bride websites are made for!

They're perfect for older men that still want love and attention from a lady who they can end up marrying. Moreover, cultural differences can spice up your relationships and help you come up with some new approaches to establishing a family and solving any issues.

So, mail order bride vs dating sites: which is better?

Now you can see all the differences between mail order bride and dating sites. The main one is the actual attitude to relationships. Dating websites are more easy-going and don't help people find a love for life — they're aimed at uniting people and letting them have fun and get new connections. Mail order bride websites have a more serious objective — to help people from different countries develop a long-term commitment and end up getting married and establishing a family. It’s up to you which websites to use!