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How To Get A Chinese Girl: Top 10 Tips To Follow

Posted 2021-12-05
8 min read
How To Get A Chinese Girl

Looking for a Chinese girlfriend? No wonder. Lots of foreign men are. Asian women are pretty, sexy, and smart. They make great partners. It`s fun to spend time with them. They can be loyal and helpful friends that are always ready to lend a hand or to give advice. But how to get a girl like that? The guide below will assist you with this purpose.

Top Sites To Get A Chinese Girlfriend

10 best tips on how to find a Chinese girlfriend

If you try at least some recommendations mentioned below, you`ve got all chances to win the heart of a Chinese hottie.

Tip #1: Decide where you want to meet her

If it`s offline, the best way to find a Chinese girlfriend is through a group of friends. Friends are usually the ones who either bring you two together and approve of your relationship or they tear you apart. So it`s great if you have someone from China who can introduce you to a single lady. If you`re looking for a girl online, it`s even more simple. You just need a reliable dating site. Women registered there are open to meeting foreigners which means you can find someone the very first day. But be the one who messages first. Chinese can be conservative and reserved at the beginning. Give them some time.

Chinese girlfriend

Tip #2: Make a good first impression

If you meet online, make your profile look good. Upload only good and quality photos that are new and can present yourself well. Your personal information should be descriptive and prove you`re a serious guy that can become a reliable and supportive partner. Saying a few words about your education or career is also great as social status is important for all Chinese. If you meet in the real world, you`d better care about how you look. Don`t try too hard and don`t wear anything extraordinary. Casual jeans and a T-shirt are okay, but they shouldn`t look like you`ve been wearing them for a month with no change. A fresh look, nice perfume, good haircut are a must if you want to get a Chinese girl.

Tip #3: Expect her to give you her phone number

No matter where you meet, if she likes you and wants to go on learning you better — she`ll give you her phone number. And that`s when you should get ready for the texting part of the dating. Literally, texting here is dating itself for a girl. This period may last for about two weeks or a month. Not a big deal, but this stage is very important for a Chinese girl. It`s when she gets to know a guy better. She gives herself time to learn as much as she can about the man. It`s very different in Western cultures where you use texting to arrange a date. But in China, you meet after some period of texting, and it usually means you`re already a couple. So take this seriously and mind what you say. Also, remember what she tells you, so you can use this info when you meet for the first date.

Tip #4: Remember that meeting her family is crucial

This tip might not always be implied if you`re a foreigner. In fact, foreign men that are dating Chinese women can usually feel much freer as they come from a different culture. Still, if you`re serious about your international relationship, remember that impressing her parents is important. When you start dating a Chinese woman, you practically start dating all her family. Chinese parents are quite strict when it comes to their daughter`s boyfriend. First, they want to make certain you`re the guy who`s able to provide for the family and that you have some stability. And if you do any of these jobs, you literally have no chance to succeed — actor, DJ, construction worker, singer, dancer, artist. And if you have tattoos — you`d better cover them up.

Tip #5: Don`t beat around the bush

When you`re dating a Chinese woman, there`s no place for ambiguity. No questions like “Am I really in love with her?” or “Do I love her?” or “Can I date other girls?” should come across your mind. No, if you`re together, it means you`re very serious about each other. Show you`re treating her like she`s your only and the dearest girlfriend in the whole world. Actually, she`ll do the same to show everybody you`re a couple in love. She`s going to post a bunch of photos on all social media to demonstrate to everybody you`re happy together. So go looking for a Chinese girlfriend only in case you`re going to be a faithful and committed boyfriend. Otherwise, it won`t work out.

Tip #6: Be assertive

A lot of Chinese women like to be submissive in relationships because they prefer self-assured and confident men. It doesn`t mean you have to be rude and aggressive. It means she expects you to be the leader who knows how to handle troubles, solve problems, decide on a variety of stuff. By the way, Chinese women are big fans of “50 Shades of Grey” movies and see the relationships of the main characters as perfect ones — a submissive and obedient woman and fearless, self-reliant, and stable man. It`s, of course, an ideal everyone is striving to reach, and you don`t have to be Christian Grey to make a Chinese woman fall in love with you. But assertiveness and firmness won`t hurt.

Chinese woman

Tip #7: Show your manners

It`s a fat chance you`ll date a Chinese lady in case you don`t have any idea of what it`s like to be a true gentleman. Well, would you start a relationship with someone ignorant, unresponsive, and arrogant? If you`re rude, talk like you`re superior, and keep talking big on things that make her awkward — she`ll never choose you for a boyfriend. Alternatively, you should be polite and show respect towards her, her family and friends, and her culture in general. By the way, the greatest tip to follow — learn more about Chinese society, history, and manners. Get to know what traditions they have and what the taboos are. Try to remember a few words in Chinese to show you care and want her to like you. Or the least you can do is to remember how to spell her name accurately.

Tip #8: Surprise her

Chinese girls love surprises. And things like flowers, chocolates and teddy bears are okay, but won`t keep them happy for a long time. In Chinese culture, it`s totally normal if a guy saves up for a month or so and then presents his girlfriend with something big and expensive. They don`t demand it on a regular basis, but women need to feel unique, so they`ll expect you to give them something costly on special events like birthdays or anniversaries. The things they like to get are designer clothes and bags, brand perfumes or cosmetics, modern phones, or other gadgets. If you show you aren`t a penny pincher but can be generous — she`ll know she`ll be cared about and your family will be provided for.

Tip #9: Avoid certain topics

It doesn`t matter if you meet her offline and talk face-to-face, or you`re chatting online, try to avoid some acute subjects that can make her feel awkward and uncomfortable. First, don`t discuss politics. You probably know China is a communist country. Local people don`t have the same civil liberties and rights as most western nations. What`s more, it`s against the law to criticize the government. So you`d better stay clear of discussing political issues in China. Secondly, avoid conversations on Japan. The Chinese generally don`t like Japanese people or anything Japan related. Try not to discuss Japan at all and, what`s more importantly, never make a comparison between Japan and China.

Tip #10: Take advantage of being a foreigner

Usually Chinese women take dating a foreign man differently than they would while dating a local guy. Your cultures are polar opposite and that`s why you can be given some indulgences. It means, on the one hand, you don`t have to be at pains to get a Chinese girl. She`ll be glad to meet you and know you closer. She`ll expect some more Western type of dating. So just be yourself. On the other hand, don`t disregard all the tips mentioned above as they`re priceless if you want to make everything right and at the same time — pleasant for both of you. Following this guide means you can hardly screw it up because all women will appreciate it if a man behaves like a real gentleman — polite, assertive, caring, and stable.

Do you feel assertive enough about finding your Chinese girlfriend? The goal is achievable and just needs some time, effort, and devotion. But Chinese women are entirely worth it all. Don`t you think?

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